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Bank & Finance

We are experienced in helping companies within Bank & Finance to improve their customer experience and increase profitability, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Below is an overview of how we can help you and case studies on how we've helped other customers create a profitable and improved customer experience.

Step 1: Get a full 360° view of your customers 

Through our Customer Data Platform (CDP) you can collect data from different sources. This way, you get an overall view of your customers. This is a good first step in creating a unified customer experience.

Step 2: Increase sales 

During the customer journey, there are great opportunities to increase sales by offering cross-selling and upselling. The right offer at the right time not only boost sales – it also increases satisfaction and loyalty when done in the right way. 

Step 3: Have a dynamic communication

Did you know that personal communication is 6x more effective than mass communication? We help you set up a dynamic communication that is automatically triggered by behavior. In this way, customers receive relevant and personal messages, at the right time.

Step 4: Get valuable insights

In PRO you get all the customer data visualized in real time. You can easily follow important key figures such as traffic to site, number of qualified leads and sales numbers. With PRO you can also act on your insights as it is linked to a Marketing Automation system.

Step 5: Create an outstanding customer experience

To create an outstanding customer experience you need a full view of your customers and their behavior. You also need to be able to turn insights into action. Data Talks PRO makes this possible.

Case Study - AIK Fotboll

Read about how we helped AIK with a simple campaign aimed at their supporters. All in all, the campaign took 15 hours to build. The result? It generated 100 000 EUR million in additional revenue.

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