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Kvalitetsflytt: doubled conversion of new customers

Discover how the moving company Kvalitetsflytt managed to double their conversion of new customers by...

Discover how the moving company Kvalitetsflytt managed to double their conversion of new customers by automating their quotation management. Also, read about how they increased upsells and improved the customer experience. 

Manual and time consuming processes… Can there be anything more frustrating?

Despite today’s technology, many companies have manual and repetitive tasks that literally eat up time and create far from optimal customer experiences. It entails copy and paste to and from excel files, spread sheets and emails. And in the middle of all this you must try to measure and understand the results of your efforts.

Although it is 2020, this is the reality for many companies. This is also the case for one of our customers, Kvalitetsflytt. This is how their customer conversion looked just a year ago…

Before: Kvalitetsflytt handled their request for quotes manually

To convert visitors to customers, the moving company Kvalitetsflytt had a form on their website ( where they asked potential customers to leave their details if they needed help.

Before Kvalitetsflytt had implemented a marketing automation system, it stated that the customer would receive an offer within 24-72 hours (not 30 minutes as it is today). Not catastrophic, but still so long that they lost quite many potential customers.

Answer on a query .                      Contact form

After the form had been filled, an email was sent to an internal email account that needed to be answered by someone at Kvalitetsflytt. This manual process of inquiries was not only very time-consuming (it took about 4 hours per customer!) It was also messy as there was no overview of the leads.

This led to a conversion rate of 30-40%, which meant that the majority of all potential customers were lost to a competitor. All customer follow-up was done manually. If a customer did not respond, someone from Kvalitetsflytt had to contact them and follow up.

Did you know that 89% of consumers will switch to a competitor after a bad customer experience? (Oracle).

After: Kvalitetsflytt doubled the conversion of new customers

Kvalitetsflytt, as you have already read, chose to look for an alternative way of handling their quote management. They have about 500-600 leads a month and the goal was to reduce the time spent on this and at the same time increase the conversion of new customers. That was when they came in contact with Data Talks.

From having sent each and every offer manually, Kvalitetsflytt changed this to an automated process where a preliminary price estimate for moving assistance was sent. By doing this, they managed to streamline the handling of offers.

Today the customer fills in whether it is an apartment (and number of rooms) or house that they are moving from and to. They also fill in if they move within in the same city or to another city. Based on this, the customer receives a pre-calculated offer within 30 minutes, which may later be adjusted. (However, in the majority of cases, the automatic calculation is correct).

Kvalitetsflytt Car

Results: Improved customer experience and increased sales

This has not only saved Kvalitetsflytt about 100 hours a month (which corresponds to a part-time job, which in turn means a substantial cost saving per year). They have also reduced the time that the customer must wait for an offer from up to 72 hours to 5 minutes!

Quite a big difference in waiting time, right?

For those customers who do not accept the offer, several automatic reminder emails follow, which further increase the conversion. Through the reminder email, they help customers who may have forgotten about the offer.

Automating the quotation process led to a doubling of the number of new customers. Previously, Kvalitetsflytt closed between 30-40% of all requests, today they close up to 80%.

With these amazing results, Kvalitetsflytt chose to continue improving the customer experience. Today, they also have additional sales in the form of waste handling and cleaning. These two offers are being sent out after a customer has ordered moving service.

The extra sales are set up automatically, which means that Kvalitetsflytt not only increases the average order value, they also offer a more complete customer experience. The customer gets help with other things often related to a move, which improves the overall experience. Finally, an email is sent that gives tips on how to pack optimally.

Create your own win-win situation

What if you could double the conversion rate of new customers? What would it mean for your business? What would it mean for your income and your final result?

To increase the conversion rate and improve the customer experience creates a win-win situation. And that’s exactly what a marketing automation system can do for your business. Want to learn more about marketing automation and how we can help your business increase its revenue? Click here

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