How to choose the best Customer Data Platform – the ultimate guide

Whether you sell B2B or B2B, the behavior of the buyer has changed dramatically. Over 90% of all purchases start with a search on the web or a social media reference. Before purchasing, the customer has probably touched several digital channels such as web, email, mobile and social media. Often combined with traditional channels such as visits to shops or print media. This creates a need for friction-less customer journeys in all channels.

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Do I need a CDP? + 3 use cases to get started

87% of consumers want a more consistent customer experience.They expect one-to-one communication, requiring you to know what they did in the past, what they are currently doing and what they will most likely do in the future (no pressure!) At the same time, companies need to account for new channels, technologies and data sources.For you as a Marketer, it is challenging to keep pace with the rapidly changing ecosystem and potential knowledge gaps. How can you cope with all this?

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