Customer Data Platform | Bemöt kundernas behov i rätt kanal & rätt tid

From insights to results, faster 
than ever.

Data Talks PRO connects all your data and gives a 360° view of your customers and their behaviour. The data is visualized in dashboards and updated in real time. You can act on the insights you get to create a seamless customer experience. 

Get a complete view of your customers

Today we have data about our customers located in different places. It's often available on the web, in apps, offline as well as in email and transactional systems. To create a good customer experience, it's important to first gather the customer data in one place. PRO does this for you.

Get insights to create a seamless customer experience

Get real-time updates on everything from purchase conversion to which advertising channel that is most efficient. In the PRO dashboards, you can see what works well in the customer journey and where you need to act.

Act fast: increase customer satisfaction and profitability. 

An insight you can't act on is not very useful. Therefore you can quickly act on the insights you get, with just a few clicks. You choose what you want to communicate and through which channel (email, SMS, banner on the website, etc.). Then you can follow the results in real time.

This is how it works





Connect your data sources such as web, mobile, purchase data, demographic data, CRM and more.

When the data is collected, you get an overall picture and visualization of your customers' behavior.

Start getting insights and patterns. Find new audiences and act with your Marketing Automation system.

Win your first campaign! We will help you along the way to make sure you succeed.