FAQ | Data Talks


1. We are thinking of building this ourselves. Why should we choose your solution?

Answer: It is a quite large investment to build this yourself and hard to get the ROI on such a business case. We offer you a solution that allows you to instead concentrate on your main business and your customers. With our solution, you can drive digitization and customer experience as a market project, instead of a technology project

2. Interesting! But it sounds quite advanced, I don´t think we are there yet ...?


Answer: 89% of your customers will switch to your competitor after a bad experience. So this is essential to your success. Besides that, 86% would pay or buy more if they got a good customer experience. Unfortunately, only 1% of consumers think they get a good customer experience that meets their needs (Oracle).

There are many reasons for prioritizing this. but it is important to start at the right end - think big, start small and then scale fast.

3. Who owns the data?

Answer: You must always own the data, regardless of what solution you choose. With Data Talks PRO you own all the data.

4. Can we adapt Data Talks PRO to our needs? 

Answer: Yes!

5. Is there a curing period?

Answer: No.

Any specific questions? 

"'We're not there yet when it comes to digital transformation..."

That's one comment we often get when it comes to digitalization and to act based on data. We understand that it can feel difficult and overwhelming. That's why we're very committed to the customers we work with.


We want to show you that the journey to a digital and customized customer experience doesn't have to be so complicated - but instead manageable and inspiring. "Think big, start small", is our motto.