Automate & personalize every touch point with Marketing Automation

Email Marketing tools are limited. Marketing Automation is what you need to scale, optimize and grow your business.

Automate and personalize every touch point

Marketing Automation helps you to increase efficiency because it does exactly what the name unveils: it helps you to automate marketing tasks and processes. The objective is to manage repetitive and time-consuming tasks, while delivering a personalized, relevant and engaging customer experience.

Act like a team twice your size, without doubling in size

Nurture prospects with personalized communication and then convert these into happy and satisfied customers. Make customer acquisition, engagement and retention more efficient and personal by leveraging the right software.
Generate better, more qualified leads

With Marketing Automation you can create automated funnels and email campaigns. This means that you can put lead capturing and nurturing on autopilot. 

Deliver an outstanding customer experience 

Give prospects and customers the attention they need and deserve. Use segmentation and trigger actions based on behavior to make sure the right person gets the right message at the right time. 

Increase profit and the average size-deal

Increase your customer lifetime value by automating up-sells, cross-sells and customer follow ups. Simply, grow your business and save time simultaneously. 

Get Sales and Marketing aligned

Create streamlined workflows between Marketing and Sales. Marketing Automation supports marketers on execution of both inbound and outbound strategies. The software enables continuous nurturing of the leads until they are ready to be passed on to Sales. 

Hire the software that will take your marketing to the next level

Level up your efficiency and create a more personalized experience for your customers. Marketing Automation is the software that enables you to act in different channels.
Get found online

Monitor your users in social media and on your website.

Understand your users

Slice and dice your users into different segments.

Capture and convert leads

Build forms and landing pages easily or chat with leads directly.

Engage your leads

Email marketing, SMS, push notifications, pop ups, you name it!

Automate and personlize your marketing

Score your users based on their online/offline activity, perform A/B/X testing while gathering all data in a built-in CRM system.

Measure traffic and conversions

Campaign reporting and revenue attribution.

Get started with Marketing Automation

Level up your efficiency and create a more personalized experience for your customers. Marketing Automation is the software that enables you to act in different channels.
customer journey description
  1. 1

    Measure the effect of doing nothing

    Measuring the effect of doing nothing allows you to create a baseline to measure against & predict the return-on-investment of any use case that you will think of.
  2. 2

    Define your use case

    A use case allows you to show people what to expect and the outcomes that you will achieve.
  3. 3

    Choose your KPI:s and metrics

    Choosing your KPI:s (reflecting strategic goals) and metrics (reflecting tactical goals) will ensure that you get your company’s credibility. It will help to show how your specific use case has contributed to the overall growth.
  4. 4

    Implement the right software

    We will help you implement the right marketing automation software for your business needs.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

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Reduce customer acquisition costs
Increase average order value
Increase frequency of purchases
Increase customer lifetime value
Improve conversion rates

Not convinced yet? 

Below are three examples of flows you can set up using Marketing Automation. 

Example 1: Get first-time buyers to purchase again

How to set up this flow:

  1. Place a trigger in your Marketing Automation system based on a recent purchase.
  2. Set up an automatically triggered email with an offer (you decide after how long the offer should go out). 
  3. Set up a automatic reminder email to those that didn’t click. 
  4. Set up another reminder email to those that didn’t act and then remove the person from the email list.
Engage first-time buyers
Increase sales
Keep email list up to date
Start building loyalty

Example 2: Reduce abandoned cart

How to set up this flow:

  1. Collect data on what products the browser put in their customer basket.
  2. Send an automatic email after a certain period of time reminding them of what they put in their customer basket.
  3. Send a reminder email.
Increase sales
Provide service
Give a better customer experience
Help customers to complete check out

Example 3: Engage new customers

How to set up this flow:

  1. Gather information about your visitors or customers (for example: what product did they purchase or what city do they live in?)
  2. Send a welcome message with dynamic fields. For example, you can send an offer that is valid at the customer’s local store or give tips on complementary for which they have shown interest.
Personal first impression
Increase sales
Begin to build trust
Combine online and offline activities

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