17 Effective Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Maria Stenvinkel

Getting visitors to your website is important, you know that.

But if visitors don’t convert to leads, that traffic doesn’t matter much. Therefore, it is important to get visitors to act so that you can start building a relationship with them to increase conversions on your webpage (more on that further down).

For example, did you know that 96% of all visitors aren’t ready to buy immediately? However, this does not mean that they will never buy from you. They may be ready to start a relationship with your brand, but they may not be mature enough to make a purchase. 

Start by adding a pop-up to your website 

Did you know that an average pop-up can convert between 2-10% of its visitors to leads?

To find out how many leads your website could generate follow these steps:

1. Download SimilarTech Prospecting (there is a free version). Under “Website information” you will see the number of visitors your website has per month. See the picture below.

increase conversion on page

2. Take that number times, for example, 4% to see how many leads you could get organically each month.

For example, if you have 80,000 visitors a month it will be 80,000 x 0.04 = 3,200 leads.

How does that figure compare to how many of your visitors that convert to leads today? If the number is lower than that, then don’t worry. By simple, yet powerful ways, you can increase the conversions on your website!

Below we have listed 17 effective ways that can help you grow in leads & increase conversions.

Effective ways to convert visitors to customers on your website

1. Create an irresistible lead magnet

A “lead magnet” is something your visitors receive in exchange for their email address. This can be a discount code, guide, e-book, video series or something else your visitors will want. Place this visible on your website or in a pop-up, to get more visitors to convert to leads. Make sure to give something that is of value to your visitors. Just asking them to sign up for your newsletter usually isn’t that attractive.

See how Nike does below …

nike popup

… and online expert Amy Porterfield …

conversion optimization

… and the design studio Just Creative:

lead magnet

2. Ask for as little information as possible

By keeping your forms and lead magnets as simple as possible, you increase the chance of more people filling them out. Remember that you can always ask for more information later.

3. Highlight customer recommendations

Today, customer recommendations weigh heavily. Hearing what others have said about a product or service reduces the risk of a purchase and creates social proof. Contact your most satisfied customers and ask them to record a video or write a testimonial. You can then highlight this on the front page, in your e-mail messages and on product pages. In short, show that you have satisfied customers!

4. Add a purchase guarantee

Reduce the risk to potential customers by highlighting possible purchase guarantees. If the person in question has never heard of your company before, they often need extra security before they purchase.

5. Recommend related products

Think about whether you can recommend similar or complementary products when visitors look at an item or put it in the shopping cart. Keep them engaged and inspired by showing relevant products. For example, if you sell furniture and a visitor places a dining table in the shopping basket, then you can recommend chairs, lamps or carpets that would go with the dining table.

6. Keep conversion elements high up on the page

You have a fraction of a second to create a first impression on your website. Therefore, be sure to keep buttons and opt-in boxes, which aim to convert, high up on the pages. This way visitors and customers do not have to scroll and you increase the chance of them converting.

7. Be ultra-clear with your headlines

Clarity beats cleverness. Although a headline may feel quirky and smart, consider whether it is clear enough for someone who doesn’t know your brand and just landed on your site. It’s always better to be clear, than to get a headline that feels clever. Keep in mind that the visitor is most likely not as familiar with what you have to offer, as you are.

8. Create a sense of urgency by limiting your selection

Do you have a limited number of products or services? If so, you can highlight this. For example: “Only 3 left in stock” or “Only 5 hotel rooms left”. In this way, you create a sense of urgency while demonstrating that the product or service is attractive to others. Remember to be honest, as making up limitations doesn’t build long-term trust between you and your customers.

9. Be clear about the benefits and what they will get

Highlight everything your customers will get and what they can expect from your product or service. How will it be delivered? What are the benefits and features? What does the product look like and how can it be used? Think of everything the customer may need to know and deliver it in the best possible format (video, images, text etc).

10. Create product videos

Did you know that product videos can increase conversions & product purchases by 144%? They can be incredibly powerful and do a lot of the work for you. Therefore, be sure to have videos that clearly show and describe your product. Keep them short, inspirational and encourage your visitors to watch them!

11. Create specific landing pages for visitors coming from ads

Do you drive traffic through, for example, Facebook, LinkedIn or PPC ads (pay-per-click)? In that case, be sure to dedicate a specific landing page to that traffic. Don’t send them to your website. A landing page should always feel like the natural next step. Ideally, it should also have a clear CTA (call-to-action), so that you convert that traffic.

12. Include CTAs (call-to-actions) in several places

Be clear about what you want your visitors to do. If you want them to click somewhere, type “click”. Do you want them to click now, then type “click now”. Include these in several places, for example after they have filled in a form or read a blog post.

13. Offer multiple payment options

By offering several payment options (such as credit card, invoice, PayPal, Klarna, Swish, etc.) you increase the chance of purchase. Also, keep in mind that customers in different countries prefer to pay in different ways. Therefore, adapt your payment options to your target audience and where they are located.

14. Use live chat

Today, the majority of all purchases (40-80% depending on the product category) are impulsive. Consumers today are also more discerning than before and expect answers and help at the moment when they need it. Therefore, include a Live Chat (available for free in most marketing automation systems) to answer questions or sooth any concerns.

15. Make sure your website loads quickly

Did you know that a one second delay in how fast a website loads can result in 7% fewer conversions? Today, we expect everything to go fast – if they don’t, we will easily lose interest. Therefore, consider how fast your website loads and try to speed up if possible.

16. Create incentives to buy

Offer potential customers, especially if they are first-time traders, incentives to act. Offer a discount, free delivery, or anything else that is attractive to the visitor and that can help them to buy.

17. Ask questions continuously

Always ask for your visitors and customers for feedback to better understand their frustrations and what they really want. This way you can become more relevant and communicate in a way that resonates strongly with your target group. They need to know that you understand them and their needs.

Small steps to better conversions

By taking small steps forward, you can increase conversions and get more visitors to become customers. Try one of our tips above. Once you’ve done that, try something new. Increasing the conversion is about daring to test new things and tuning into customer feedback; both in regards to what they say and in regards to how they act.  

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