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At Data Talks we talk data

We have the technology and knowledge to help you create a really good customer experience and increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability.

The team consists of a wonderful MARTECH mix. We have Data scientists, Data analysts, Marketing Automation specialists, and Project managers. We have offices in Stockholm and Helsinki that serve our customers all over the world. We also work closely with our development partners in Bulgaria and Portugal.

The Stockholm team

Peter Kekesi

Customer Success Manager

Per Axelson

Senior Data Developer

Daniel Cedergren

Senior Project Manager (specialty Marketing Automation)

Sebastian Bergström

Data Scientist

Pantelis Parastatidis

Architect &

Data Engineer

Anders Madeley


Ali Salih

Project Manager &

Data Scientist

Stefan Lavén


Andreas Daun

Head of delivery & 

Marketing Automation Specialist

Tor Heidebrandt

Data Engineer & Datawarehouse developer

Dionysios Zelios

Senior Analyst & Marketing Automation specialist

Silva Thekran

Product Development


Alexander Hallsten

Data Engineer &

Datawarehouse developer

Malcolm Norén

Marketing Performance Specialist

Maria Stenvinkel

Marketing Manager

Philip Nordfeldt 

Head of Marketing & Sales

Marcus Fenger Krog

Dashboard developer

Michaela Sjödin

Senior Data developer

The Finnish team

Jyrki Kylaheiko

Country Director, Finland

Karolina Defee

Senior Data developer

Kari Koljonen

Data Engineer and datawarehouse developer