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The technology

behind Data Talks PRO

In PRO we use the latest technology and design patterns - all to make the product as intuitive, user-friendly and future proofed as possible. Read more about PRO below or book a demo.

Act on data with minimal manual work 

PRO collects data and lets you act on it, through dashboards. You make a selection that you can send directly to a Marketing Automation tool. There you choose whether you want to trigger rules automatically or pick up segments and work on them. No manual steps are needed. This is to act on data.

GDPR-proof and cloud-based 

PRO is cloud-based and stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Of course, it´s all


The solution is based on:

  • Metadata manager integration part

PRO has an integration part that is metadata controlled. This allows us to handle all formats through our API.

  • A Customer Data Platform (CDP)

We store the data in slightly different ways, but it is always on an individual level. Otherwise, you cannot act on it. In concrete terms, this means that we store the data in a Customer Data Platform (CDP). See the explanation below of what a CDP is. Our CDP consists of a data layer and a data warehouse with an omni-channel model.

  • Pre-built integrations

The solution includes a number of pre-built integrations between various systems such as e-commerce systems, CRM systems, and Marketing Automation systems.

We analyze your anonymous traffic and let you know what type of traffic you are getting on your website. This makes it easier for you to know how to work with your conversions

  • 360° customer view

We save all data on an individual level. This means we can aggregate it in different ways to create small or large segments that are relevant to you.

  • Audience

We analyze your anonymous traffic and let you know what type of traffic you are getting on your website. This makes it easier for you to know how to work with your conversions.

  • Dashboards

Visualizing and making selections directly in dashboards is powerful. The difficulty is to bring this selection to a Marketing Automation system. We have solved this by automating the flow of data from a dashboard, thanks to our smart API.

  • Self service

You can always access Self Service, where you can use your data in different ways.

About our Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A CDP provides the following three core functions that combined makes it unique from other systems:

1. Gives you data on an individual level 

Create custom dashboards or provide your team and data scientists with access to data for their own analysis.

2. Increases the efficiency in your team  

Marketing and sales have control over the collection, segmentation and orchestration of customer data through pre-built integrations ("out of the box"), that minimize the need for IT or developer assistance.

3. Gives you an overview of known and anonymous customer data 

You get an integration of both known and anonymous customer data from external and internal source or any platform. This includes your own CRM, sales data (POS), mobile, transaction, website, and email data from a Marketing Automation tool.

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