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Accelerate your growth and acquisition – with a Customer Data Platform

Data is the “new gold”. The impact that data has and will have on customer experience is tremendous and it continues to grow every day.

Watch this webinar with Stefan Lavén, the CEO of Data Talks, and David Raab, the founder of the CDP Institute, where we discussed what a Customer Data Platform is and how it can help you to collect, analyze and act on your data.


What we covered during the webinar:

  • The non-linear customer journey of today (& how to tackle it)
  • The basics of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Different types of CDPs
  • Criteria for vendors to be a real CDP
  • Types of data you can store in a CDP
  • How to act on the data gathered in a CDP
  • Use cases demonstrating growth and acquisition.

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Stefan Lavén


David Raab

David Raab

Founder at CDP Institute

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