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Customer Data Platform: Best practice & use cases for utility & energy businesses



Philip Nordfeldt

Head of Sales at Data Talks

Earlier this year, we have hosted a free webinar for utility & energy businesses. Watch the recording to understand what a Customer Data Platform, or a CDP is and get best practices & use cases for the industry. 

Data is a huge opportunity for the utility & energy businesses. But, many companies today don’t know how to gather their data or extract the business benefits, such as creating loyalty, engagement and growth. This is what you’ll learn more about during this webinar.

What we’ll cover during the webinar:

  • The non-linear customer journey of today (& how to tackle it)
  • The basics of a Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • If you treasure it, measure it
  • Types of data you can store in a CDP
  • How to visualize data in real-time
  • How to act on the data gathered in a CDP
  • Use cases for the utility & energy industry
  • Q&A

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