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How to deliver a truly connected Customer Journey in retail & ecommerce

Erik C. Brunnegard

Retail & Ecommerce Lead at Data Talks

Learn how to unify your customer data (both online & offline) to create a better customer experience. Discover how to increase loyalty, retention and the average order value (AOV), by using a customer data platform.

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What we covered during the webinar:

  • Why customer experience in retail and e-commerce is key to long-term success
  • How to face and leverage a multi-touch customer journey
  • How to get a 360° customer view of scattered data (online & offline)
  • How to collect, analyze and act on your customer data with a Customer Data Platform.
  • A checklist: How to differentiate wannabees from real CDP providers
  • Use cases for retail & e-commerce businesses (Loyalty, retention, AOV, frequency)
  • Q&A

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