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How to Engage a New Generation of Golfers using Customer Data

Bo Bengtsson

Bo Bengtsson

Deputy General Secretary, Swedish Golf Federation

Peter Kekesi

Peter Kekesi

Sports Vertical Lead, Data Talks

Golfing as a sport has been in decline since the early 2000s, both in Sweden and globally. When Covid-19 hit us unexpectedly, the golf industry experienced an all-time high and a renewed interest, with a new and younger generation of golfers standing for 1/4 of all new golf members in Sweden in 2020.

The next step then became to reverse the declining golf trend, by retaining and increasing engagement among the new generation of golfers. And how do we achieve this? By moving from an analog to a digital communication approach.

This becomes possible thanks to a Customer Data Platform (CDP), where you collect customer data, analyze it, and then act on it to deliver a highly personalized and relevant customer experience.

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