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The Customer Data Platform unifies first and third-party data sources to form a comprehensive 360-view of your supporter across devices and channels, making that data available to your other systems and across the business. With data standardized, unified in supporter profiles, and organized into audiences, you can launch cross-channel campaigns. The more engagement you get through your activation channels, the more data you have to collect and inform your individual supporter profiles and audiences.

As a Marketer, you want to be flexible when it comes to which external channels can consume your valuable supporter data. You can integrate out-of-the-box with any software system through API connectors, allowing access to data for deeper analytics while boosting supporter engagements.

So you want to be able to:


Visualize the data by using a Business intelligence and Analytics tool, thus getting valuable insights.


Expose the data to the end user's API, hence acting on the insights.


Expose the data to your Marketing Automation software (or any other third party software), for triggering marketing campaigns(i.e. emails, SMS, pop-ups, push notifications, or app notifications)

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By exposing your supporter data, sliced and diced according to your business needs, we make it accessible to other systems like marketing automation software, customer relationship management (CRM), data warehouse or even your preferred data visualization software.
Marketing Automation

Send a personalized offer or discount coupon via email or SMS.

Social media

Stop advertising to existing clients and target only those that have a high probability to buy.

Project Management Software

Pass the feedback (specific comments to the product team) while sending relevant feedback to customer support as well.


Notify your Sales team about the 'hot leads' that they should prioritize.



Create look-alike audiences and identify new, additional supporters likely to purchase products while increasing the scale of your audiences.

Data Warehouse

Sync your Marketing data platform with your existing business data warehouse and enable real-time decisioning across your company.


Enable full personalization of the offers presented in your online store, for both known and anonymous users, using recommendation frames.

4 ways of acting on your insights

Marketing Automation Software or other third-party systems

Expose the data to your Marketing Automation software, for triggering marketing campaigns (emails, sms, pop-ups, push notifications) or app notifications.

File Exports

Expose the data by sending them in file format to an FTP server, where you can pick the data from

Data Talks Web Application (Portal)

We host a web application where you can have access to all your Dashboards and act by segmenting supporters. The results of this segmentation are forwarded to the system that is responsible for acting.

Snowflake Data Secure Sharing

Expose the data in real-time to your existing data warehouse.

Cloud platforms, like Snowflake, give the opportunity of secure Data Sharing making it really easy and safe to publish and consume data, as long as both publisher and consumer have an active account on Snowflake.

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