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Data Talks CDP RoadMap

Main Features You Can Expect

  • Form Builder

    In the future, you will be able to build your own preference center in the Form builder of the CDP. The preference center will be the easiest way to collect your supporters’ info about their preferences for your sport organisation and marketing campaigns and the Form builder will provide the easiest way to create and customise your own preference center. The Form builder in the CDP will also provide you with additional possibilities available by Forms, such as the contact collection form on your website, which means that you will be able to merge the result of the contact form with the CDP right away without any additional process.

  • Transactional Email & SMS

    In the near future, the Email builder and SMS sendout feature in the CDP will be expanded to include the functionality to send real-time delivery transactional email and SMS. Transactional email and SMS usually mean the confirmation of a transaction, which can include the confirmation of ticket purchase, merchandise purchase, and stadium tour booking. Moreover, you also can expect sales to increase by including promotion alerts and relevant offer information in transactional sendouts, which usually have an almost 100% open rate. This feature will enable you to handle every sendouts and relevant data analysis in one place and also help you to optimise the purchase funnel and increase sales.

  • Geographical Map Chart

    Often, you might need to see your data visualized on a geographic map, especially in the case if you have a very diverse supporter base. You might want to see which city most of your supporters are based in and which branch in other countries is the most profitable on a geographic map, rather than a table or a column chart since it is more recognisable and understandable. The Geographic Map Chart will be introduced in the Analytics Framework of the CDP to meet these needs.

  • A/B/X testing for Sendouts

    We are constantly working to improve the experience you provide to your supporters, which leads to increases in engagement and more revenue. A/B/X testing for email campaigns and SMS sendouts will allow you to test multiple variants in sendout campaigns in the CDP. You will be able to test different subjects, sending times, and contents for your sendouts, you’ll also be able to view the results of how the tested sendouts are performing in regard to your organization’s KPIs and use the results to optimise your next campaign.

  • Setting Targets for Campaigns

    You always need targets to measure your performance, especially in the case of sales. Setting targets for your matches and campaigns will help you not only monitor how your revenue is meeting your targets but also figure out how you can improve further. The CDP will allow you to set targets such as ticket sales per match/season, and merchandise sales during specific periods. You will also be able to see how your campaigns have been helpful to increase your revenue, or which campaign have not been helpful, giving you hints for improvement. To make targets not just simple reporting metrics, you will be able to set targets for key segments or even for ticket types or blocks of your stadium, this way helping improve your campaigns and results.

  • Facebook and Twitter Integration

    Social media channels are great resources for understanding your supporters regarding their interests and needs. We want to enable you to collect and manage the behavior data from different social media channels in the CDP together with data collected from other sources, such as your ticketing or merchandise data. You will be able to figure out the meaningful relationship between detailed insights regarding how your supporters react to your SoMe campaigns and your sales data. It will allow you to continue to focus on the most engaging campaign and increase your sales opportunities. Facebook and Twitter Behavior analytics are around the corner and will be readily available as Out-Of-The-Box dashboards.

  • Fan ID & Preference Center

    The data you use in the CDP are mostly composed of the information collected through channels such as ticketing systems, merchandise shops, and OTT platforms without supporters’ direct interaction. It offers a great understanding of the supporters’ behavior and the interest itself, however, imagine if you could see how each supporter actually thinks. This is the information we can collect using Data Talks’ new Preference Center, which enables supporters to submit their preferences directly to the club. Your supporters will be able to set their preferences for marketing and transactional messages, channel and frequency in the preference center. In addition, you can capture some fascinating information about who their favourite player is or which merchandise they are most eager to buy, providing you with an extraordinary view of your supporters’ behaviour that you can use to enhance your commercial results and create a relevant supporter experience. All the supporters’ profiles you have in the Data Talks CDP will be given their own Fan ID, enabling them to access the preference center.

  • Email Builder 2.0

    – We want you to feel comfortable using our email builder, especially putting the elements you want without any unnecessary complexity or technical details. The brand-new email builder will be reorganized with a component-based editor, which will make your email templates error-proof for all email clients. Additionally, the new component-base editor will offer you a clearer interface, allow you to create your emails faster and make them more beautiful, and prevent your supporters from witnessing design errors in your marketing campaigns.

    – This version of the email builder will solve the multi-identifier issue mentioned above, enabling you to choose whether you send the email to several email addresses which belong to one profile or just send it to one of them. If you choose to send it to just one email address, you can set the priority between different email addresses based on your needs: Personal email address or work email address? It’s up to you. The analytics regarding open rate and link click rate will be provided separately per each profile and per each email address.

  • Segment Builder 2.0

    To be able to deliver a truly great customer experience, you need to understand customer patterns and find shared motivations that can transform them into lifelong loyal customers. Data Talks CDP makes it possible to centralize your segmentation and share them across your systems, re-engage churning customers, and target your segments in real-time hyper-personalized campaigns. Data Talks is revamping its Segment Builder to allow users to be even more flexible in creating segments to act on. 

    We’re currently working on our Segment Builder 2.0, which will include the flexibility for our users to group profiles on any type of data they have ingested into our CDP, including both profile, event and inventory data. Users will be able to apply a range of different time periods to the segments they’ve created and computer traits (e.g. minimum, maximum, average). You’ll be able to create computed traits directly in our Segment Builder that are completely custom for you, for instance if you want to segment on your Customer Lifetime Value you can do that by simply adding your formula to our Segment Builder.

  • Identity Resolution

    Achieving a unified customer view will ensure that you are working with the most accurate and up-to-date understanding of your customers as possible, a crucial part in order to be able to deliver the best customer experience possible. A unified customer view allows you to analyze customer behavior to better target and personalize future customer interactions. Ultimately, having a unified customer view makes a big difference for succeeding with your marketing efforts with regards to being able to create engaging and personalized campaigns, as without it you won’t be able to understand your customers to the extent that you need to. 

    Data Talks CDP will act as the single source of truth with the capability of Identity Resolution. It’s the process of collecting and matching identifiers across touchpoints and merging the data into one unified profile view of customers and prospects that interact with your business. In order to achieve a unified view of both customers and prospects we need to understand who our customers are across the different touchpoints in their customer journey, and we are building the best capability to be able to resolve those identities so that you can understand how your customers are behaving.

  • Golden Record

    The next step of using your unified customer view to its full potential is to create a Golden Record. A Golden Record is what it sounds like, a golden standard of your unified profile. 

    A Golden Record contains all the data you need to analyze and uncover how, when, where, and what to engage each customer with. By having a golden record you won’t have to waste your time tracking down data from across your systems, everything will be neatly collected and organized according to your needs in Data Talks CDP. Our golden records that you will be able to establish for each profile eliminates the risk of incomplete, outdated, and duplicate records being used during marketing analytics and campaign efforts, which can lead to inaccuracies that can severely impact marketing campaign performance and leave revenue on the table.

  • Event Calendar

    Elevate your strategic planning with our upcoming Event Calendar. Gain a comprehensive view of your campaign schedule, empowering you to align marketing efforts perfectly with critical dates for your business, such as your upcoming home games or jersey releases. Data Talks’ brand new Event Calendar will allow you to automatically display all your matches and key business results on the calendar, so you can truly stay ahead of the game by ensuring your direct marketing campaigns and promotions are timed flawlessly. 

  • WhatsApp communication

    Experience a game-changer in fan engagement with our WhatsApp Direct Messaging feature. Not only does it offer substantial cost savings compared to traditional SMS sendouts, but it also allows for rich multimedia messages, including images, videos, and enticing call-to-action buttons. Connect with your audience in a visually appealing and interactive way, ensuring your messages leave a lasting impression and generate more engagement.

  • AI-based data harmonization

    Leveraging AI-powered solutions for data cleansing and standardizing information originating from various origins, such as transforming “Sweden,” “Sverige,” and “Svédország” into a unified “Sweden.”

  • More website visit behavior capture

    Search tracking, adding items to the shopping cart, initiating payments, finalizing orders, and processing returns in the context of online shopping.

  • Platform in German

    Translating the whole platform into German

  • ABX testing based on conversions

    In addition to enabling testing based on opens and clicks, it also facilitates testing with a focus on orders, revenue, and conversion rates.

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