Product Roadmap

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Data Talks Pro RoadMap

Main Features You Can Expect

  • 360-view of the Profile List of Profiles

    A very important aspect of a Customer Data Platform is consolidating segregated data from online and offline sources in the sake of creating a unified 360-view Profile. With our brand new web application we are aiming to provide a very detailed and granular view of your customers, allowing you to make better and more accurate decisions. You will be able to check all the Profiles you store in the Data Talks platform and go into specific ones to get more details.

  • Get basic details of specific Profile 

    As a very first step to provide our customers a detailed 360-view of Profile we are creating a placeholder where all basic details of a particular Profile are displayed. The list of details will be dynamic and it will fit the needs of every customer in the mindset of bringing your own data into the Data Talks platform. The goal of this element is to provide you with a demographic overview of the Profile you are looking into.


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Data talks PRO Changelog
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  • Query Builder

    User Interface in our portal where you can create queries and filters without the need of writing SQL code. The result of those queries can either be exported or you can use the result to act by tagging the contacts fall under this filtering. The contacts will be tagged to the target Marketing Automation tool and certain actions might be triggered.

  • Automated Predictive Analytics

    User interface in our portal where the customer can set some parameters from their data in order to predict values. As soon as we receive data from the customer predictions will be executed based on the parameters that the customer chose.

  • Automated Customer Segmentation

    User interface in our portal where the customer can pick some attributes that should define a set of segments. Every time that we receive data for a particular customer the model will run to assign the contact in a segment or check if the contact is already assigned to the correct one.

  • Self Service Dashboards

    User interface in our web application where you can define your own business intelligence dashboards.

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