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Data Talks CDP RoadMap

Main Features You Can Expect

  • Segmentation Builder

    One of the most core functions of a CDP is to be able to target the right audience with the right offer. The first step to achieve this goal is to unify all customer related data to build a complete Profile view. The second step is to be able to separate your customers into audiences of Profiles with similar characteristics, preferences and behavior. By doing this you can build a separate communication strategy with each of those audiences and provide better, more relevant and highly personalized experience. In Data Talks CDP we offer a pretty easy and user friendly way to segment your customers, share this information with any of your other systems and start acting right away.

  • Self service Configuration of Segmentation Builder Attributes

    In Data Talks CDP we believe in flexibility and free hands! We want you to be the master of your data and what is most important for your organization. For this reason we are looking always to provide you with the ability to configure things the way you prefer. Segmentation Builder is one of those features. You can decide on your own what are the attributes that you want to be included as Rules in the Segmentation Builder. Those are the attributes that you and your colleagues are going to use in order to create segments.

  • Email Builder

    Using the Segmentation Builder, Data Talks CDP allows you to segment your customers into audiences with similar characteristics and act in your system or app of preference. However, in Data Talks CDP you are also able to act right away using our awesome Email Builder. With our Email Builder, you can create your next email sendout, pick one or more segments of customers to act on and create a well designed personalized email template without the need of any HTML code knowledge. The best part of it is that you can use any of your data in Data Talks CDP in the Email to achieve a top-notch personalization of your communication.

  • Landing Page with Scorecard

    At Data Talks CDP we are aiming to keep you up-to-date with your most important metrics and KPIs. Every time you log in to the portal you will land on the main page that contains a Scorecard of your most important figures and trends. This way, you will be able to quickly and easily get an overview of what has happened to your business since the last time you logged in. You can choose the metrics you would like to see and the way that you would like to see them.

  • Profile Tags

    A very easy way to target customers is to put a tag on them or the events that are taking place. For example, if you want to communicate to all customers that have made a purchase of over €100, you can easily put a field in the data that you will send over to Data Talks CDP and let us know that this field should be considered as a tag. In this case, we will instantly extract this field and treat it as a tag. In your effort to target and communicate with your customers, you will be able to use those tags to filter customers and pick the right segment that you want to target. You will be able to see all tags of a Particular Profile in one of the tabs we are currently developing on the Profile Overview page.


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  • Query Builder

    User Interface in our portal where you can create queries and filters without the need of writing SQL code. The result of those queries can either be exported or you can use the result to act by tagging the contacts fall under this filtering. The contacts will be tagged to the target Marketing Automation tool and certain actions might be triggered.

  • Automated Predictive Analytics

    User interface in our portal where the customer can set some parameters from their data in order to predict values. As soon as we receive data from the customer predictions will be executed based on the parameters that the customer chose.

  • Automated Customer Segmentation

    User interface in our portal where the customer can pick some attributes that should define a set of segments. Every time that we receive data for a particular customer the model will run to assign the contact in a segment or check if the contact is already assigned to the correct one.

  • Self Service Dashboards

    User interface in our web application where you can define your own business intelligence dashboards.

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