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Data Talks CDP RoadMap

Main Features You Can Expect

  • Identity Resolution

    Achieving a unified customer view will ensure that you are working with the most accurate and up-to-date understanding of your customers as possible, a crucial part in order to be able to deliver the best customer experience possible. A unified customer view allows you to analyze customer behavior to better target and personalize future customer interactions. Ultimately, having a unified customer view makes a big difference for succeeding with your marketing efforts with regards to being able to create engaging and personalized campaigns, as without it you won’t be able to understand your customers to the extent that you need to. 

    Data Talks CDP will act as the single source of truth with the capability of Identity Resolution. It’s the process of collecting and matching identifiers across touchpoints and merging the data into one unified profile view of customers and prospects that interact with your business. In order to achieve a unified view of both customers and prospects we need to understand who our customers are across the different touchpoints in their customer journey, and we are building the best capability to be able to resolve those identities so that you can understand how your customers are behaving.

  • Golden Record

    The next step of using your unified customer view to its full potential is to create a Golden Record. A Golden Record is what it sounds like, a golden standard of your unified profile. 

    A Golden Record contains all the data you need to analyze and uncover how, when, where, and what to engage each customer with. By having a golden record you won’t have to waste your time tracking down data from across your systems, everything will be neatly collected and organized according to your needs in Data Talks CDP. Our golden records that you will be able to establish for each profile eliminates the risk of incomplete, outdated, and duplicate records being used during marketing analytics and campaign efforts, which can lead to inaccuracies that can severely impact marketing campaign performance and leave revenue on the table.

  • SMS Builder

    After you have Collected and Analyzed your data, it’s time to Act on it. Today, you are able to send engaging and personalized email campaigns to your customer segments with Data Talks CDP. To complement the Email channel we are creating our SMS builder, where you – yes you guessed right – can create relevant, engaging and personalized SMS campaigns.

    With our SMS Builder, you can create your next SMS sendout, pick one or more segments of customers to act on and create a personalized SMS in four easy steps. You can easily decide when you want it to be sent by scheduling the campaign and you can see how many recipients that the SMS will be sent to.


  • Campaign Analytics

    Data Talks CDP offers a very easy-to-use yet advanced Email Builder so that you can run Email Campaigns and target your audiences with the right offer at the right time. What is very important of course is to track the performance of those Email Sendouts. For that reason we are currently designing a set of Email Campaign Analytic pages that will give you full insight of how your latest campaigns are performing.

    Data Talks Campaign analytics


  • ML Segment Builder

    Creating Audiences of Profiles with similar characteristics, behavior, or preferences is an essential and core part of any Customer Data Platform. Data Talks CDP provides you with a powerful, yet simple-to-use, Segment Builder. With our Segment Builder, you can manually create customer segments and share them with other systems. However, not always are you fully aware of your data, and many times the Segments that you manually create might not be so sophisticated.

    For this reason, we wanted to let you create segments of Profiles using statistical methods, and the Data Talks team will soon be releasing our very own Machine Learning builder. So at the time of onboarding your organization to Data Talks CDP, the preparation of models will be performed by our Data Scientists. And this is to ensure that the model is well trained and the results of ML model execution will be of high quality. What you’ll get is segments of Profiles – that will show similar patterns in a set of data, which would otherwise be quite difficult to discover by only performing manual analysis.

    Data Talks Machine Learning

  • Prediction Models

    Oftentimes, you’re called to take actions after a particular event happens, but maybe by then it’s too late. For example, you attempt to re-acquire customers that have churned, or you try to make a customer subscribe to your newsletter again, right after they have unsubscribed. You wish you could actually predict those actions and prevent them beforehand. Moreover, it would also be nice to know the next action your customers will take and offer them something that will push them towards a faster conversion. For example, you might want to offer a particular product with a discount to customers that are more likely to buy that product next. And then thanks to predictive analysis, you manage to make them buy this product within a shorter period of time. Data Talks CDP will be offering various Prediction Types, which you can use to predict certain actions – such as Churning, Unsubscribing, or Next Purchase.


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  • Orchestrated Workflows

    Such as Welcome-, Birthday-, or Abandoned Cart actions.

  • Facebook Messenger

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  • SMS

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  • Mobile In-App Notifications

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  • WhatsApp Messenger

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