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Learn how to use Data Talks to collect, responsibly manage, and integrate your customer data with hundreds of tools.


Getting started with Data Talks CDP

Data Talks CDP is a Customer Data Platform that helps you create a world-class customer experience, based on your data.

Getting Started with Data Talks CDP

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Data Points 

Integrate the tools you need for analytics, growth, marketing, and more.

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Data Talks CDP Web App

Explore relevant information about Data Talks CDP - Web App.

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Data Talks API Reference

Need to integrate with Data Talks CDP via the API? Read the API Reference!

Get data into Data Talks CDP

Data Talks provides an easy way for you to onboard your data into our CDP by using our Data Onboarding. It allows you to easily define the data you wish to bring into the CDP so you can start tracking and see the results of your marketing efforts as soon as possible.

Define your Data

Import files or create your own data template with all the necessary attributes you want to track in the CDP.


Decide which attributes you want to include as unique identifiers and which should be optional.

Save time

Save time by using our self-service tool which allows you to have a smoother onboarding of your data.

Additional Resources

Are you a beginner in the CDP world? If so, our FREE masterclass is a great place to start. In this course, you will learn the foundations of what a CDP is, how it works, what kinds of data you can collect, what KPIs to measure, and much more. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate from the Data Talks Academy.


Want to learn more?

Finding all the information you need about CDPs can sometimes feel challenging. So, we created the ultimate CDP guide to assemble all information about CDPs in one place, from defining what a CDP is to the steps you should take before buying one.


Read our FREE CDP guide

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Get started with Data Talks CDP

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