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Good data requires a strong system to keep it organized and consistent; a brand works much the same way. This brand system is the cornerstone of the Data Talks identity. Thank you for using it responsibly.

Data Talks logo

Our logo is our visual identity and the face of our company. Always adhere to these guidelines to keep our brand consistent. The Data Talks logo reflects the pillars of our brand – it is designed to be approachable, scalable, and balanced.


The logomark has two elements: the symbol and the monogram. The symbol results from a redesign of the previous Data Talks logo, as a simplified and more clear version of the data process represented by the waves inside the square. This logomark has only lowercase and the optical kerning helps to maintain brand recognizable and legible.

Safe area

In order to protect the brand’s integrity and keep the logo’s legibility, we created a safe area around the logomark based on half of the square’s dimensions.

Color application

Our logo should be Data Talks orange and dark purple on most backgrounds.

When this interferes with the legibility of the logo, the logo should be all white, orange or dark blue. Please do not use any other color from the Data Talks color palette for the logo.


Our logo is designed to scale down in relevant contexts on print and screen.

Smallest sizes:

Horizontal — 36px / 0.51”

Vertical — 42px / 0.56”

Symbol — 24px / 0.25”

Logotype — 36px / 0.51”


Our logo is available in three forms depending on use.


This is the main version of our logo. Whenever it is possible, we ask to use this version.


When space or proportions don’t allow for our primary logo, you may use the vertical lock-up.


When you need to use the logo in a form that is too small for the text to be readable, you may use the symbol instead.

Data Talks Logo guidance

Please review these sample design pieces as guiding examples of what to avoid.

Our logo should always be Data Talks orange, dark purple, or white.

Our logo should never be typed out. Please use the relevant asset file.

Our logo should never be inverted in any direction.

Our logo should never be stylized with any background colors.


Primary brand colors


Data Talks Orange


R 243

G 86

B 37

C 0 M 65 Y 85 K 5


Data Talks Dark Purple


R 31

G 20

B 81

C 62 M 75 Y 0 K 68

Dark mode

Light mode

Secondary brand color

Both dark & light mode, Data Talks Purple should be used in design elements that need to be supported with an accent color.

Data Talks Purple


R 59

G 45

B 121

C 51 M 63 Y 0 K 53

Other colors

These colors should be used mainly on the web.

Primary 2
Primary 3
Body Color


Headings, body and other common text elements.

Display 1
Display 2
Display 3
Display 4

Heading one

Heading two

Heading three

Heading four

Heading five
Heading six

“Here’s an insightful quote from the article that is worth isolating for emphasis.”

Lead Text Lead Link

Body Text Body Link

Small Text Small Link

Tiny Text Tiny Link


Data Talks CDP is a Customer Data Platform built specifically for sports. We make it easy for sports organizations to sell more tickets, negotiate sponsorship agreements of higher value, and increase merchandise sales. We are an international company with Swedish roots, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Some of our proud clients include RC Lens, The Austrian Ice Hockey Association, PAOK FC, AIK, the Swedish Golf Federation, and Collingwood FC.


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