Women in Sports: Beyond the hashtag

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Supporting women in sports is something that we should all do. Not out of duty or as a misguided form of charity. But because we understand that everybody wins when we do this.

And who is everyone? The sports organization that is involved in women’s sports, for example.  The sports industry as a whole and of course the women in sports themselves. And let’s not forget the next generation. The more barriers we break down for women in sports, the better it will be for the next generation of women in sports to thrive. 

This is not about being woke. But about facts.

Here are the facts



Increasing women’s sports visibility is the key factor to growing the UK women’s sports industry to a $1 bn industry

Women’s sports sponsorships are a great value relative to those for men’s events

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Setting targets for female representation in federations and leagues can help accelerate the growth of women’s sports and sports and general

There is substantial revenue potential for sponsors and brands who work with women’s sports

Telling stories of inspirational women in sports can help bring more awareness to women’s sports. Additionally, this could also help inspire the next generation of women in sports. And this is actually something that we are doing through our Women in Sports: Beyond the Hashtag initiative. 

So you see, supporting women in sports is beneficial for everyone involved. Moreover, supporting women in sports requires practical steps. And there are many steps we can take. The great news is that, whatever steps you and I take towards supporting women in sports, is a step in the right direction.

So, here are some resources for you so you can join us on this amazing journey!


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for Women in Sports

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