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Sports CDP Crash Course

Each episode on this podcast is specially curated to give you deep and current insights on how you can get more supporters, superior sales, and real revenue. So if you work in the sports industry and want to learn more about how you can do just that and more, never miss an episode!

Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode.

#74 Inside the sports industry with Karen Ramirez: Introduction on Data Talks Sports CDP Crash Course

#74 Inside the sports industry with Karen Ramirez: Introduction

We are thrilled to welcome Karen Ramirez as our guest host for this week’s episode, marking the beginning of her monthly updates on current affairs in the sports industry. As the founder of Sporting Sheroes, Karen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly in sponsorship development for women in sports.

Episode 73 Special episode: Introducing the revenue playbook for all sports clubs featured on Data Talks Sports CDP Crash Course

#73 Special episode: Introducing the revenue playbook for all sports clubs

In case you missed it, we brought you this week´s special podcast episode, where you can listen to our Head of Communications and PR, Lorraine Moalosi, CEO and Founder Stefan Lavén, and Chief of Growth, Dionysios Zelios, discussing the key takeaways from the book and the key insights from the book, answering questions from viewers, and sharing their extensive experience in sports, tech, growth, and marketing.

Episode 72 measuring campaign success Data Talks Sports CDP with Lorraine Moalosi

#72 Measuring campaign monetary performance

Whatever campaigns you run and however way you run them, you always want them to perform well. So whether you are sending out an email campaign for your latest limited edition jersey release or sending an SMS campaign reminding your previous season holders to renew their season tickets for your current season, the hope is always that you will achieve your goal. In order for you to understand the performance of any of your campaigns, you need to have some metrics you can measure.

Last episodes
Data Talks Sport CDP Crash Course episode 71 In conversation with Karen Ramirez Podcast

#71 In conversation with Karen Ramirez ​

In this week’s episode, Lorraine sits down with Karen Ramirez, founder of Sporting Sheroes, an organization that champions women in sports. Karen’s mission is to see more female athletes achieve their full potential, both on and off the pitch.

Karen shares her journey of falling in love with sports and why she chose to work with a wide spectrum of ages, starting with grassroots, instead of focusing solely on elite athletes. She also reveals some of the most rewarding experiences she’s had so far.

    Episode 70, 5 KPI all sports clubs should be focusing on with Data Talks Sports CDP

    #70 5 KPIs ALL sports clubs should be focusing on

    Clubs have many goals they need to achieve. Which is why it is important to have key performance indicators (KPIs). These let you know how you are performing against your goals. Are you reaching your goals, all the time or once in a while if at all? In episode 24 we discussed this very topic of KPI and we talked about what they are and why you need them. So this episode is a sequel to episode 24 but this time we will focus on the 5 KPIs all clubs should be focusing on. And in no particular order, these are; 1. Ticket sales 2. Merchandise sales 3. Matchday attendance 4. The value of your sponsorship agreements and finally number 5. The revenue you get from all of the other four KPIs. Let’s dive right in then shall we?

                Episode 69 In conversation with Yvonne Harrison with Data Talks Sports CDP Crash Course Podcast

                #69 In conversation with Yvonne Harrison

                  Our next guest is the CEO of Women in Football UK, an organisation that empowers women, men and non-binary people in the football industry with the knowledge, expertise, and support to create a brighter, more diverse future within football. On top of that, Yvonne Harrison has served as director and advisor to many different organisations within the sports industry, and she is also the founder of StryveUK, a company that exists to help individuals and businesses be better and do better.

                                            Cover of episode 68 In-house Vs. outsourcing data analysis Data Talks Sports CDP Crash Course Podcast

                                            #68 In-house Vs outsourcing data analysis

                                                  In-house vs. outsourcing fan data analysis – are you currently at the crossroads of having to choose between the two? That is, whether your sports organization should collect and analyze fan data yourself (do it in-house) or you should outsource it (let an agency do the job). Find out the three main challenges that outsourcing fan data analysis can bring about!

                                                                                About the host

                                                                                Lorraine Moalosi

                                                                                Hello, I am Lorraine. I am the Head of Communications at Data Talks, producer, host of the Sports CDP crash course, and Leader of the Women in Sports: Beyond the hashtag initiative.

                                                                                If you are passionate about women’s sports, data, selling more tickets and merchandise, and negotiating sponsorship agreements of higher value. Then feel free to get in touch with me.

                                                                                Lorraine Moalosi