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    • A complete understanding of each supporter
    • Unlimited Sources
    • Unlimited Destinations
    • Advanced Tag Management
    • Segmentation Builder
    • Self-Service Analytics
    • User Roles & Permissions
    • Data Governance
    • Machine learning & AI capabilities
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    Collect online & offline data
    A complete understanding of each supporter
    Identity resolution
    Profile Relationships
    Profile Analytics
    Profile KPIs
    Out of the box + Self service analytics
    Targeting your Audience
    Manual Segmentation Builder
    Algorithmic Segmentation
    Segmentation Analytics
    Segment export to 3rd party systems
    Advanced Analytics
    Insightful Dashboards
    Ad-hoc Analysis
    Dashboard/ Scoreboard
    Communicate with your Customers
    Newsletters, Ad-hoc Emails, A/B testing
    Transactional SMS
    Transactional Emails
    Viber sendouts
    FB Conversion API
    Facebook Ad Services
    Google Ad Services
    Triggered actions
    Score predition
    Man of the match
    Simple poll
    Lineup selector
    Wheel of fortune
    Send data anywhere
    File exports
    1 per day
    Real time Secure Data Sharing to a Warehouse
    Marketing Automation
    Control your data
    User deletion
    Customer data discovery & inventory
    Replay historical data
    Data Anonymization
    Usage & Billing
    Contacts that can be added
    Starts at 1699€ per month
    Payment method
    Contract length
    Annual (save 10%) or Monthly
    Email support
    On demand videos & documentation
    Customer Success Manager
    Up to 20 hours per month
    Professional Services
    Add on
    Uptime SLA
    Multi-factor authentication
    Granular roles & user permissions
    Zero trust network
    256-bit AES encryption
    SOC 2/3
    ISO 9001 / ISO 27001
    GDPR & PDPA compliance

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    Everything you need to create an outstanding supporter experience!

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    Select size of your contact database

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      Everything you need to create an outstanding supporter experience!
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      9 reasons why sports organizations don’t hesitate

      Data Talks is more 

      than just a software.

      What makes Data Talks unique is its highly trained and customer-obsessed people. By partnering with us, you will have access to experts within Data Engineering, Data Science, Marketing Automation & Analytics.

      That's great! We have customers who are in a similar, fortunate situation. However, we work with organizations that aren't satisfied with the status quo and constantly strive to improve their processes and relationships with their fans. Our customers partner with us because they understand that the Data Talks Sports CDP enables them to gain deep insights from their supporters and genuinely understand their needs. These insights are critical in order to deliver ticket campaigns your supporters will appreciate. And it doesn't stop there. These insights about your supporters will also allow you to uncover revenue opportunities beyond ticket sales, such as increased merchandise sales and the ability to negotiate sponsorship agreements of higher value. 

      Our CDP allows your data to be updated in real-time from any data source. However, the industry standard is nightly updates. While updates on a nightly basis of your data and insights are perfect for nearly every use case, we understand that some objectives might require different update frequencies. We work with you to understand these objectives and make recommendations that best suit your needs.

      You can get started using the platform and the first data-driven capabilities in as little as two weeks. This is way quicker than the industry benchmark, other platforms usually take between 3-9 months to implement.

      We understand that every organization is at a different stage in becoming more data-driven. That is why we listen closely during the sales process in order to understand your objectives and current level of digital maturity. With this information, we can match you with the most suitable CDP functionality level and Customer Success (CS) Manager. Your CS Manager will guide you through the CDP implementation process and focus your team's onboarding and training to match your objectives. We're with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your data. Our Customer Success Managers will provide you with the resources and best practices so you act on your supporter data from day one.

      Our platform was designed by people with deep knowledge of the sports industry and experts in machine learning technology. This makes the Data Talks Sports CDP a powerful, intuitive platform and incredibly easy to use. Moreover, you can find use case videos on our website to help you get started straight away in creating campaigns. Furthermore, with the help of your CS Manager, all your questions will be answered, and all your campaign ideas will become a reality. Our CS team focuses on making implementation seamless and training a breeze. And the support continues even after implementation and initial training is complete too. Your CS Manager is with you every step of the way to share best practices, explore new use cases, and ensure your data remains clean and useable. So you can quickly gain a complete understanding of each supporter based on your supporter insights, create supporter segments based on these insights, and then, using these insights, send ticket campaigns that you know your supporters will really appreciate.

      Ultimately, the Data Talks Sports CDP is a cross-functional platform that helps align departments to have one single reliable data source with up-to-date data to inform all decision-making in an organization. This allows every department to optimize their decision-making and thus improve performance on all levels of your sports organization, ensuring that you sell more tickets, and merchandise and negotiate sponsorship agreements of higher value. While every sports organization is different, three main departments benefit from a CDP: Marketing, Commercial, and Management.

      Marketing teams (generally Coordinators, Managers, and Directors) love to use the inbuilt self-service analytics in the CDP to capture transactional, behavioral, and other types of supporter data, allowing marketers to gain a complete view of each supporter. They use the Segment Builder to create supporter segments based on their supporter data. And unlike marketing automation tools, marketers can segment supporters based on their behavior data, which is unique to customer data platforms. Once they have created a segment, marketers can target their supporter segments with tailored email and SMS campaigns they know supporters will appreciate. By sending personal and relevant campaigns to each supporter, marketers can feel confident that each campaign will support their main revenue goals: selling more tickets and merchandise and negotiating sponsorship agreements of higher value.

      The Commercial teams (generally commercial managers and Chief Commercial Officers) love using the CDP because the supporter data and insights in the CDP allow them to take all their commercial goals to the next level: from forming better strategic partnerships to gaining a competitive advantage, implementing and executing short and long-term plans to delivering development and financial goals across sponsorships, marketing, fundraising, merchandising, and events. In addition, supporter insights in the CDP allow the Commercial team to look beyond existing goals and uncover new revenue opportunities. 

      The Management teams (from managers to VPs) love that the Data Talks Sports CDP helps drive more data-driven decision-making throughout their organization and empowers departments to adopt more of a data focus. The CDP allows them to set more accurate revenue targets and increase return on investment on all team efforts.