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We don’t like bragging, so we let our customers do it for us.

On average, our customers managed to:


their database 50% in 6 months


up to €100K additional revenue from single-season tickets sales in 3 months


hospitality sales 15% in 12 months


sponsorship revenue by 10% in 24 months

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Increase the value of your sponsorship with data

Give your sponsors valuable and real-time information to build better and more engaging partnerships.

Easily segment and target your fanbase to fit your sponsors’ ideal customer audience.

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Real-time overview of all your revenue streams

Focus on your main KPIs and revenue streams in one place across different departments. 

Create easily accessible dashboards in real-time and monitor all your systems.

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Increase ROI by selling more merchandise and tickets with data

Upgrade first-time buyers to season ticket holders.

Welcome more fans at each game and offer them the right merchandise product at the right time and at the right channel.

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Success Stories

Your best strategy is a happy supporter. Read how we help our clients to create a world-class supporter experience with our Sports Customer Data Platform. More detailed information on the success stories is accessible here.

Easily connect Data Talks Sports CDP with all your working systems.

Turn supporter insights into action

With our leading-edge Sports Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can build a highly personalized and relevant supporter experience that will skyrocket your supporters’ engagement, conversions, and loyalty.
Gain higher sponsorship value

Give your sponsors valuable and real-time information to build better and more engaging partnerships.

Build a unified 360° supporter view

that includes all known interactions and touchpoints and create real-time segments

Boost your merchandise sales

with targeted campaigns across all channels - owned and paid

Collect, analyze and activate your data from all your sources

including ticketing systems, social media, and arena purchases, into a central database