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Email builder

Data Talks Email Builder empowers you to effortlessly craft engaging and personalized email campaigns for your supporters. Its user-friendly design and customizable templates enable you to connect with fans and drive your club’s commercial goals, all without needing deep technical expertise. This tool is your key to enhancing fan experiences and strengthening your club’s brand with every email sent.

Triggered messages

Triggered Messages allow you to automatically send personalized emails or SMS to fans based on key events, like birthdays or club membership anniversaries. This efficient tool strengthens fan engagement and loyalty, ensuring each supporter feels uniquely valued by your club.

Third-party marketing automation

Seamlessly integrate with your existing marketing tools, enhancing your campaign’s efficiency and reach. This feature allows for streamlined data sharing and strategy execution, providing a cohesive and impactful marketing approach for your sports club.

Customer Triumphs

Discover the inspiring journeys of our customers as they harness the potential of Data Talks Sports Platform to elevate their game.

Mobile messaging – WhatsApp/Viber/SMS

Our Messaging feature integrates SMS, WhatsApp, and Viber, enabling you to reach fans directly on their preferred platforms. This versatile tool allows for real-time, personalized communication, deepening fan engagement and enhancing the supporter experience with your club.

Transactional email and SMS

Transactional Emails and SMS provide reliable, instant communication for important updates and confirmations, such as ticket purchases or membership renewals. This feature ensures your fans stay informed and engaged, enhancing their experience with timely and relevant information from your club.

Website Personalization

Tailors your sports club’s website experience to each fan, displaying content and offers relevant to their interests and interactions. This feature enhances fan engagement by creating a more meaningful and customized online journey, deepening their connection with your club.

Real-time audience to online advertisers

Let your segments free from Data Talks! Any segments you create can be used not only inside the CDP for newsletters and other types of sendouts, but also you can share it with the most common advertising platforms to launch Custom and Lookalike Audience advertising.

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