Second Fundamental

Collect supporter data with contact information and merge it with your sales data

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Out of the box Integrations

Data Talks provides over 50 out-of-the-box sports integrations with major ticketing, merchandise, and membership providers. These integrations allow you to focus on your next campaigns and not waste time on understanding technical complexities and managing development projects. Should we have not integrated with your system yet? No problem, we extend our integration list continuously.

Unified Supporter Profile

The Data Talks CDP seamlessly integrates data from all your systems, enabling you to create a unified supporter view on profile pages. No more guesswork or duplicate profiles; now you can accurately track how each supporter engages with your club across digital and offline platforms. By stitching together real-time data points such as ticketing, merchandise, gamification, and web behavioral data, you gain a highly detailed understanding of each supporter’s interactions with your organization.

File Upload

There is no sports club without spreadsheets. Data Talks provides an easy-to-use file uploader function that allows you to bring manual data to your account without integration and to use this data for analysis and campaigning immediately.

Connection to Data Warehouse

In case you already have a Data Warehouse within your Club, Data Talks can set a bi-directional connection with it. We can not only collect data from your DW but also securely share data to it from the CDP for specific needs you might have outside of the CDP.

Data Talks API

Using the Data Talks public API, you can push any kind of data to the CDP. Using our API allows for real-time data ingestion so you will never have to wait again for anyone to provide you with a segment or reports.

Customer Triumphs

Discover the inspiring journeys of our customers as they harness the potential of Data Talks Sports Platform to elevate their game.

Web tracking

The Data Talks Web tracking service allows you to collect website analytics not only in aggregate but also in individual forms. You can identify your visitors, what pages or products they look at, and what more they do on your websites. Keep track of the most searched item of your fan shop, the entire customer journey on the site and activate supporters when and where it matters most.

Preference Center

The Preference Center allows supporters to define their channel and communication preferences, how frequently and on what platform they wish to be contacted by their favorite club. This solution allows clubs to collect 0-party data and personalize communication towards supporters even more.

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