Third Fundamental

Find out which supporter segments you should target with your campaigns

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Data Talks Sports CDP allows you to analyze your data in no time with the versatile list of out-of-box dashboards. In case you are interested to dig deeper and reveal hidden correlations, you are also able to use any data in the CDP in the self-service Analytics Framework. Here you can create as many dashboards with a wide range of chart types as you wish.


Data Talks Sports CDP allows you to create target audiences for your next campaign with its no-code segmentation builder. Any data you collect in the CDP can be used and combined with calculated metrics to make the most personalized experience for your supporters.

Customer Triumphs

Discover the inspiring journeys of our customers as they harness the potential of Data Talks Sports Platform to elevate their game.

AI segments

Are you facing a business issue, such as lacking ticket sales from a demographic group but you are unsure how to tackle it? Let the AI-powered Segmentation builder of the CDP guide you. You can expect suggestions on attribute combinations to reach your goals.

Real-time audience to online advertisers

Let your segments free from Data Talks! Any segments you create can be used not only inside the CDP for newsletters and other types of sendouts, but also you can share it with the most common advertising platforms to launch Custom and Lookalike Audience advertising.

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