Get a 360° view of your customers’ journey

Build customer loyalty and deliver a better customer experience with a 360° customer view

Unify your customer data and make it accessible to other systems

With our Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can centralize data from different sources (email, social media, apps, transactional data, customer support, behavioral data, website data, plus more) and get a single customer view.

This data then also becomes available to other systems, such as a Marketing Automation system, which means that you can act on your data and the insights you get.

Be smart about your data – unlock loyalty, engagement and growth

Collect, visualize and act on your data with our CDP to truly understand your customers and deliver a relevant, personalized and highly-targeted customer experience.
Get a full 360° customer view

A CDP is designed to combine data from different sources and create a unified customer view. This way you can better understand your target group and their behavior.

Create a more relevant and personalized customer experience

Customers today expect a personalized and consistent experience across all channels. This becomes possible, thanks to our CDP. With it, you’re also fully equipped to increase engagement, build loyalty, boost sales, prevent churn, and re-active dormant customers.

Manage your marketing efforts better

With our CDP you can clearly see what you are spending and how each channel and campaign is doing. With insights and transparency of performance, you’re able to get more out of your digital marketing efforts.

Get one common truth to drive better decisions

By gathering, analyzing and acting on your customer data you get this: one common customer truth. This will help you to make accurate and reality-based decisions.

Gather all your customer data
into one place

A CDP is built to handle any type and category of data. It can connect all sources of customer data, whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, batch or streaming. Below are a few examples of what kind of data you can store in a CDP, so you get a taste of what is possible.
Transactional data

Orders, invoices, payments and so on.

Social media

Comments, shares and likes.

Customer data

Name, email address, telephone, address, job title, date of birth and more.

Customer support data

Live chats, number of support tickets, time to resolve the issue etc.

Offline data

Shop visits and shop purchases.

Campaign & website data

Sent newsletter/opens/clicks, cost-per-click, click-stream data and browsing history.

Ready to empower your teams
with unified customer

With our Customer Data Platform, you can collect, visualize and act on your data to create an outstanding customer experience.