Get a 360° view of your supporters journey

Build customer loyalty and deliver a better customer experience with a 360° view of your customer journey

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Unify your supporter data & make it accessible to other systems

With our Sports CDP, you can centralize data from different sources (email, social media, apps, transactional data, customer support, behavioral data, website data, plus more) and get a single customer view.

This data then also becomes available to other systems, such as a Marketing Automation system, which means that you can act on your data and the insights you get.

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Be smart about your data – unlock loyalty, engagement and growth

Collect, visualize and act on your data with our Sports CDP to truly understand your supporters and deliver a relevant, personalized and highly-targeted supporter experience.
Get a full understanding of you supporter view

A CDP is designed to combine data from different sources and create a unified customer view. This way you can better understand your target group and their behavior.

Delight your supporters with a personalized customer experience

Customers today expect a personalized and consistent experience across all channels. This becomes possible, thanks to our CDP. With it, you’re also fully equipped to increase engagement, build loyalty, boost sales, prevent churn, and re-active dormant customers.

Manage your marketing efforts better

With our CDP you can clearly see what you are spending and how each channel and campaign is doing. With insights and transparency of performance, you’re able to get more out of your digital marketing efforts.

Get one common truth to drive better decisions

By gathering, analyzing and acting on your customer data you get this: one common customer truth. This will help you to make accurate and reality-based decisions.

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Powering Your Marketing with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

With AI and ML, you can better understand your supporters, engage when and as your customers prefer while measuring your contributions to your organization’s profitability.

Our Sports CDP leverages AI and ML behind the scenes and makes this sophisticated technology available through our user interface  eliminating the need for specialized AI and ML expertise.

Using AI and ML functionality, you can apply mathematical, algorithmic, and scientific methods to improve every aspect of attracting and serving customers.

Improve profile-based

Whether you want to offer a customer the right piece of content that she’ll find interesting or recommend a product that she’ll be likely to buy, ML can predict the more likely outcome.

Other examples: measure & visualize campaign effectiveness, sales forecasting & churn prediction, ad & promotional targeting, customer segmentation, anomaly detection & price optimization.

Score & Prioritize Sales Leads

The faster you identify & respond to a qualified lead, the better.

You want to know not only which lead is considered hot, but why the lead was determined to be hot.

Deliver targeted content smoothly, at scale

AI can assist in creating relevant content, designed for targeted customers and in real-time.

When the content has been created, predictive intelligence can match that content with the right customers.

With ML for predictive outcomes, you discover information & directly targeted responses that would otherwise be impossible.

Identify anonymous visitors

Stitching together different visits by the anonymous visitor can prove challenging.

AI technology can be used to create custom profile matching & identifications specific to your business.

Optimize Campaigns with
Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics uses statistical algorithms to suggest offers, messages, or marketing actions that are likely to convert based on campaign goals.

Predictive models are used to qualify leads, optimize pricing and measure the contributions of marketing at each stage of the customer journey (multi-touch attribution).

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Empower your teams with a unified customer view.


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