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Collect, analyze and act on your data to deliver the experience your audience deserves

Better audience experience, better business

Great audience experiences lead to higher engagement, loyalty and profit – both in regards to audience and partners. Data is the key to understanding and delivering the wants and needs of your specific audience.

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Leverage your data to get a 360° audience view

With a Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can centralize data from different sources (website, email, social media, apps, ads, ticket purchase, venue entrance, plus more) and get a single audience view. Below are a few examples of what kind of data you can store in a CDP, so you get a taste of what is possible.

Engagement data

How engaged is the customer? Does the customer open and click on emails, watch video content, return to your web page and share posts on social media from the venue? 

Personal data

Name, email, address, phone number, interests and more.

Ticket purchase

What type of ticket was purchased? Is the customer a one-time buyer or a frequent buyer? Is it possible to upgrade the ticket type? Was the purchase for one person or for a bigger group (like friends or family)?

In-venue purchases

Food and beverage purchases before, during and after the visit. 

Venue entrance data

Did the customer attend the venue? Which entrance did he or she take? Did the customer log in on the venue wifi?

Demographic data

Age, gender, employment, family status, plus more.

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Turn audience insights into action

Insights without action means no added business value. This is one of the advantages of a CDP; the unified data directly becomes available to other systems such as a CRM, a Marketing Automation system and advertising platforms. This means that you can act instantly, based on the insights you get.

Boost engagement & loyalty

Deliver an automated and personalized audience experience across multiple channels, making sure that the customer get the right message at the right time.

Upgrade tickets

Use the insights of historical and current data to run ticketing upgrade campaigns.

Deliver higher partnership value

Give your partners valuable and real-time information about your customers to build better and more engaging partnerships.

Fill the venue

Keep track of the number of sold tickets with a dashboard updated in real-time. Easily identify and target relevant customer segments to make sure the venue is filled up every time.

Find look-alikes 

Use the insights and data about your best customers to find look-alike audiences on social media and target them with relevant ads. 

Visualize your data and identify patterns

Data Talks CDP allows our clients to see the data by using actionable dashboards. This way it is easier for stakeholders to analyze the data and proceed to the decision-making phase. One example of a ticketing dashboard can be found below. You can easily track ticket sales for a specific venue, across different target groups, and find segments that should be targeted for the venue.

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Make data-informed decisions

So far, we have collected, prepared, analyzed and finally, visualized the data. Now it’s time for the most important step, which is about making-decisions to act. This step is about doing different initiatives to improve the relationship between the fan and the club and therefore, to increase the profit from every single fan.

So far, we have elicited the data, prepared, analyzed and, finally, visualized it. Now it’s time for the most important step, which is about making decisions to act. Decision making contains different actions to improve the relationship between the customer and your company, and therefore, to increase the profit from every single customer. Below we give some examples of use cases you can apply to your business.

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Example 1: Find look-alikes based on your best customers

A Customer Data Platform allows you to have all data about your customers close for quick actions. If you want to acquire new customers, then look at your most loyal customers today. What are they purchasing? What channel did they find you through? What makes them loyal to your brand? By using the full capability of your Customer Data Platform to look at collected data on your customer base, you can easily create segments and profiles to target and find look-alike audiences on social media and ad networks. 

Acquire new and loyal customers
Improve your targeting and ad performance
Boost engagement with relevant campaigns
Understand your audience and their behaviour better
Cut marketing spend per acquired customer

Example 2: Fill your venue 

As we described in the data collection process, we have the ability to track ticket sales in real-time on an individual level. This can be done from the day ticket sales start until the event is happening or attendance is taking place. Most companies within the entertainment industry use mass media messaging when trying to sell tickets via paid media (using social media or ad networks). Usually, this is difficult since you don’t have any relation with the audience or data on the anonymous mass audience. If you instead collect data on your current customers by letting them register to your systems (like ticket system, forms or sign-up pop-ups etc) you have the advantage of “owning” the data. If the data is available in your CDP, you can easily create your segments based on interest or purchase history and use that information to attract new customers and to fill the venue.

Increase sales
Fill your venue
Own your data
Create a better audience experience
Be more relevant and personal in your communication
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Example 3: Be relevant and stay top of mind

It’s common for customers to attend or visit a venue and then never return. Especially if you don’t have a relationship with the brand. Acquiring new customers is expensive, that is why it’s becoming more crucial today to build long-term relationships with current customers. By utilizing data in your Customer Data Platform you can segment your customers based on historic visits, interests, group of visitors, and more. Then you can make sure to send the right message, to the right customer, at the right time. Staying top of mind, by delivering relevant and personalized communication, can lead to increased loyalty, engagement and word-of-mouth.

Build engagement and loyaly
Be relevant and stay top-of-mind
Improve your retention rate

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