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Great supporter experiences lead to higher engagement, loyalty and profit – both in regards to supporters and sponsors. The key to understanding and delivering what your supporters want and need? Data.

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Leverage your data to get a 360° supporter view

With a Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can centralize data from different sources (website, email, social media, apps, merchandise, ticket purchase, stadium entrance, plus more) and get a single supporter view. Below are a few examples of what kind of data you can store in a CDP, so you get a taste of what is possible.
In-stadium purchases

Food and beverage purchases before, during and after the game.

Ticket purchase

Does the supporter have a season ticket? What ticket category does the supporter choose? How much does the supporter pay? Is the purchase for one person or for a bigger group (like a family)?

Stadium entrance data

Did the supporter attend the match? Which entrance did he or she take? Did the supporter log in on the stadium wifi?

Personal data

Name, email, address, phone number, and more.


Promote products to supporters that they really like, can afford and are available in their sizes. Why not products with their favorite players?

Demographic data

Age, gender, employment, family status, plus more.

Web behavior

What are your supporters' needs and preferences? Uncover behavioral insights by collecting data from your club's website. Does your supporter read transfer news? Do they check out your VIP offering page? Do they click on a sponsor's banner?

Mobile app behavior

What device is your supporter using? Which routes do your supporters take? What locations do they go to? Which pages in the app does your supporter look at?

Sports CDP eco-system

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Turn supporter insights into action

Insights without action means no added business value. This is one of the advantages of a CDP; the unified data directly becomes available to other systems such as a CRM, a Marketing Automation system and advertising platforms. This means that you are able to act instantly, based on the insights you get.
Boost engagement & loyalty

Deliver an automated and personalized supporter experience across multiple channels, making sure that the supporters get the right message at the right time.

Sell more merchandise
Put upsell and cross-sell of merchandise and ticketing on autopilot. Know who to target, with what offer and when.
Fill the stadium

Keep track of the number of sold tickets with a dashboard updated in real-time. Easily identify and target relevant segments to make sure the stadium is filled up at every game.

Gain higher sponsorship value
Give your sponsors valuable and real-time information to build better and more engaging partnerships.

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Visualize your data and identify patterns

Data Talks CDP allows our clients to see the data by using actionable dashboards. This enables you to analyze the data and proceed to the decision-making phase. One example of a ticketing dashboard can be found below.
You can easily track ticket sales for specific games or against specific opponents across different target groups and find segments that should be targeted for the coming match.
Graph from the sports CDP showing the total number of transactions, revenue enerated and tickets sold to show the power of one of the hottests sports trends - working data driven
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Make data-informed decisions

So far, we have collected, prepared, analyzed and finally, visualized the data. Now it’s time for the most important step, which is about making decisions to act. This step is about doing different initiatives to improve the relationship between the fan and the club and therefore, to increase the profit from every single fan.
Two season tickets

Example 1: Upgrade supporters to higher spending class

Using a Customer Data Platform allows you to easily keep track of which supporters attend the games many times, which attend rarely, and of course, who exactly are season ticket holders. You can send a regular appreciation email to thank them for their support, and remind them that season ticket sales have started. With personalized offers, you can convert supporters to a higher spending class. This feels natural for the supporters: for example, we can send a newsletter with statistics from the games the fan has attended last season. It is a simple technique that can increase fan engagement, supporters understand that this email was created for them personally and feel more valued by the club.

Engage first-time buyers
Incentivize supporters to visit more games
Upgrade supporters to higher-priced seating categories
Keep email list up to date
Utilize loyalty for higher engagement and profits

Example 2: Increase ticket sales for empty seats

As we described in the data collection process, we have the ability to track the ticket sales progress in real-time, on an individual level from the day ticket sales start, until the match kicks off. Most European countries have low ticket sales figures on less popular games, and even the markets with high attendance have almost always empty seats. Empty seats mean less profit. How can a club attract more fans to not popular games? Since we have the ability to know which are the occupied seats, we could communicate by email or SMS with fans that have empty seats next to them and offer a discount to buy an additional ticket for a friend of theirs or for their relatives. By taking this action we can not only reduce the empty seats in the stadium, but also increase the fan engagement with those that are less loyal and would need extra motivation to attend a game.

Increase sales
Provide personalized service
Create a better supporter experience
Make your stadium crowded
Help grow the community
Football stadium
Stadium seating section and a part of the football field

Example 3: Season Ticket Retention

It happens often that a fan buys a season ticket to support the club, but they do not always attend the games. The club has profited from the purchase of the season ticket, however it inherits an empty seat in the stadium. This seat could be occupied by another fan that the team would have benefited more from since this particular fan could buy something from the store, or snacks and drinks in the stadium. Therefore it is important to keep the relationship with each supporter, offer them a ticket swap option if they cannot attend, and always try to identify new target groups for the season ticket sales for the coming season. 

Engage first-time buyers
Keep season ticket holders engaged
Find new potential buyers

Example 4: Increased engagement and profitability

Loyalty and profitability go hand in hand. The main objective of a club is not just to sell tickets but rather to keep the supporters engaged. Since a CDP allows us to process real-time information about the supporters, such as entering the stadium, we can act immediately and send an SMS or a mobile push notification with matchday offers such as snacks, drinks, and souvenirs from the official store. To take it to the next level, if we even know what the fan has been buying so far, we can create tailor-made offers, using their preferred style, sizes of price category. This way, we achieve higher engagement and increased profits per fan. Also, creating personalized moments such as a fan’s favorite player wishing happy birthday in an email is something that does not directly generate financial returns, but the engagement and appreciation stemming from such activities will guarantee long-term loyalty and higher spending.

Provide a world-class supporter experience
Surprise the supporters with personalization
Show dedication and care
Help customers to complete check out
Football shoes, jersey, scarf and a backpack
Fans cheering on their team from their couch, transparent background

Example 5: How Data Talks CDP lets you super-boost user engagement via OTT

It’s no secret that OTT television is here to stay. What’s more, it’s a perfect tool to deliver personalized and relevant content to your target audience. So when a famous club decided to introduce OTT as part of their marketing strategy, having a solution that would allow them to gain insights and deliver the right content became a must-have. Because, to deliver the right content, you first need the correct data – to understand your customers’ wants and needs.
With the right customer insights at hand, the club could personalize content recommendations based on watch history, offer exclusive behind-the-scenes clips to super fans, interviews with your favorite players, and live matches. So, in combination with introducing new subscription models, it goes without saying that the club experienced a massive increase in its fan engagement. 

Engagement experienced a boom
Increase in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Decreased churn-rate
More robust nurturing-process of new registrants

Example 6: Boost sponsorship value

Do your partners know what value they receive in exchange for sponsorship? With Data Talks CDP, they sure will. Here’s how; Sports clubs can boost sponsorship value by targeting groups relevant to their sponsors. They can also activate their fans online or in the stadium using pre-matched audiences (lookalike audiences), attracting the right target group to the sponsor – resulting in higher conversions.
For example, a football club looked at how many ticket buyers lived far away from the arena and needed to travel to a football match. Then, they shared information with their hotel partner, who then reached out to these supporter groups. The result? A clear ROI (the number of nights booked at the hotel and the average spend per supporter). And this ROI could then be translated to sponsorship value increase.
Boost sponsorship value
Connect the right target groups with your sponsors
Help sponsors see their partnership value
Deliver a world-class supporter experience
Reach your fans across the whole supporter journey - online and offline
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