Deliver a world-class customer experience

Collect, analyze and act on your data to deliver the experience your utility customers deserve

Better customer experience, better business

Modernize your relationship with customers. Use your data to make better decisions and to predict loyalty and churn. Personalize your customers’ experience by first collecting data from different platforms and then acting on that data to create a better, more profitable customer experience.

Leverage your data to get a 360° customer view 

With our Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can centralize data from different sources (website, email, social media, apps, plus more) and get a single customer view. Below are a few examples of what kind of data you can store in a CDP, to get a taste of what is possible. Also, to make it as simple as possible for you as a utility company, we’ve already integrated with Gasell. 
Personal data

Name, email, address, phone number, and more.


Is the customer a low, medium or high consumer? Is he or she frequently contacting customer service or other touch points?

Demographic data

Age, gender and family status.


Help customers anticipate and plan for upcoming invoices, price increases, and new features on the website and app with the objective of creating an engaging customer experience.

Engagement data

How loyal is your customer? Does (s)he like your company on social media, share articles, read your emails and comment on updates and news?

Omni-channel usage

What platforms does (s)he engage in? Where does it make sense for you to communicate? (Via SMS, email, social media or other channels).

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Turn customer insights into action

Insights without action mean no added business value. That’s why this is the most crucial step: to turn data into a better and more profitable customer experience. This is one of the advantages of a CDP; the unified data directly becomes available to other systems such as an ERP, CRM, a Marketing Automation system and advertising platforms. This means that you can act instantly, based on the insights you get.
Build loyalty

Get a clear 360° view of your customers and see who is a low, medium and high consumer. Build loyalty by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time and in the right channel.

Create an agile marketing organization

Track campaigns across multiple channels and touchpoints. With a CDP you can create a truly agile marketing organization and deliver the right communication across all steps of the customers' journey.

Prevent churn

Identify when customers are about to switch to a competitor. Reach them ahead of time to prevent churn and foster engagement. 

Optimize sales

Track and optimize your sales funnel and performance. Increase revenue and customer satisfaction by providing cross/up-sell offers. 

Visualize your data and identify patterns

Use your data to develop new and additional offerings and to deliver a world-class customer experience. Data Talks CDP allows you to see your data in actionable dashboards. This enables you to analyze the data and then proceed to the acting phase. See the example of a dashboard in our CDP below. 
Data talks CDP demo utilities dashboard

Make data-informed decisions

So far, we have collected, prepared, analyzed and finally, visualized the data. Now it’s time for the most important step, which is acting. This step is about doing different initiatives to improve the relationship between you and the prospect or customer. This can be about developing new offerings based on data or sending the right communication at the right time to build loyalty and avoid churn.
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Example 1: Build loyalty by delivering ‘wow’ moments

Boost your engagement and Net Promoter Score (NPS) by focusing on improving customer loyalty. Start by identifying your most important customers with our CDP. Pinpoint their “pain points” and then focus on delivering ‘wow’ moments’, that go above and beyond their expectations. For example: give tips and tricks on how to reduce energy consumption, clarify what kind of energy they consume and offer relevant services such as a smartphone app that allows customers to turn on and off their lights or heating. Once you know your most important customers and are able to communicate personally with them through different channels – the opportunities to build loyalty are endless!

Drive loyalty
Avoid churn
Improve the customer experience
Run effective and personal communication
Utilize loyalty for higher engagement and profits

Example 2: Track and improve campaigns 

Understand your customers’ behavior by following up on communication and campaigns in different channels (email, SMS, social media, and more). Stop the activities that aren’t performing and instead focus on the ones that are. A CDP will help you to get a holistic view of how your campaigns are performing and will enable you, with the help of a marketing automation system, to act and improve them. 

Understand your customers’ behaviour
Surprise your customers with personalization
Track campaigns and results
Show dedication and care
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Illustration of two people looking at a whiteboard with graphs and charts on it surrounded by a cicle with the image of a phone, first aid kit, fuelpump, faucet and a pylon

Example 3: Boost your sales

Become truly agile. Track how well your sales activities are performing. Follow up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to get clear on what is performing well and what is not. Adjust your communication, channels, type of agreements, processes, upsell and cross-sell to increase sales performance.

Boost sales
Become an agile marketing organization
Include upsell and cross-sell
Improve your communication
Get a clear overview over sales performance
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Easily connect Data Talks CDP with all your working systems.

Getting started 

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