We are happy to introduce the new Drag & Drop email builder!

To provide powerful and easy-to-use features to our users, we completely redesigned the email builder functionality of the CDP. The new Drag & Drop email builder will complement and coexist with the Custom Email Builder we provided so far.

Ever since Data Talks introduced an email builder functionality to the CDP, hundreds of millions of newsletters have been sent by our customers. Some of these were simpler templates with a few images, short text, and a few call-to-action buttons, and some were with highly customized design elements, mostly coded in HTML. Over time, with more and more customers joining the sports family of Data Talks, it became obvious that there are two very distinct needs and types of users when it comes to sending newsletters:

  1. Reusing previously built, simple email templates to provide information to supporters as fast as possible
  2. Launching large-scale marketing campaigns with tailored landing pages, print material and aligned custom-designed newsletter templates

After collecting feedback from several customers, it became obvious that the Custom Email Builder was greatly suitable for handling Large-scale campaigns with its advanced customization options, but was overly complex for most customers’ everyday use. 

The new Drag & Drop Email Builder provides exactly this: simple, single-layered templates, with easy interaction. Moving around elements, adding hyperlinks to an image, or adjusting the alignment of a button cannot be made easier than it is with the new builder.

Moreover, the styling of the templates has also become simpler. Now you can decide to set the styling of the entire template by updating your General Styling Settings, or you can do it by each element. 

The Drag & Drop Email Builder will become the new go-to tool for most CDP users and your regular newsletters will most often be built and sent with it. However, in case you are planning on building a highly advanced email template design, the Custom Email Builder will still be available for you.

There is no time-limit or pressure to start using it, you are free to choose either of the two tools. We are also planning on launching a series of educational webinars on the workings of the new email builder. We will inform you shortly about the first occasion. 

With the introduction of the new Drag & Drop Email Builder, we are also far from being done! We have a long list of development plans and ideas, all with the ambition to create the world’s first email builder truly tailored to the needs of the world of Sports and Entertainment. For example, we are already working on the opportunity to add widgets for your Youtube and Tiktok videos, supporting the creation of a Footer with your sponsor logos, and an easy way to display your match statistics without the involvement of graphic designers.

As no new tool comes without further opportunities to improve, you are more than welcome to share your feedback with our development team about your experience. For this, you will see feedback popups in the platform, and you can always share your opinion with your Customer Success Manager as well. 

Good luck with your next campaigns!