Out Of The Box Dashboard

This document is for offering detailed information regarding Out-of-the-box dashboards, the complete dashboards you can utilise without configuration process in Analytics Framework, including how to turn them on and how to take advantage of them, including use cases.

What is an Out-of-the-box Dashboard?

Data Talks CDP offers you unlimited opportunity to configure your own dashboards in a wide range of analysis. Configuring a new dashboard requires you to come up with relevant KPIs on your own and a deeper level of understanding of your data, which is not the most favorable situation for you though. Therefore you might want some dashboards which are already built for you, use your data source and reflect the most common needs on the topics. Out-of-the-box Dashboards are waiting for you in this case.

If you have a relevant database and have imported the database with the CDP, you are able to see Out-of-the-box dashboard about the database, which enables you to see and monitor insight, performance and analysis without any configuration process in Analytics Framework.

How to use Out-of-the-box Dashboards

The list of Out-of-the-box dashboard would be shown once toggling Analytic Framework in the left sidebar. You are able to see a complete dashboard with tiles, filters, and charts without any process only if you have all required data sources for the dashboard.

If your Out-of-the-box dashboard does not show corresponding analysis and only turn ‘null data’ messages, we recommend you to check if you have all required data sources. Some of Out-of-the-box dashboards need specific integrations in order to receive the data sources to the CDP. Are you already aware of that you do not have relevant data and integration but have big interest in having the dashboard? Then our CSMs are happy to help you!

The list of Out-of-the-box Dashboard

  • Campaign Analytics: This dashboard shows the performance of your email campaigns in the CDP. You are able to use this dashboard without configuration if you are using the email builder in the CDP.

  • Website Analytics: This dashboard shows the visitor behaviour on your website. You are able to use this dashboard without configuration if you have configured Web behavior tracking in the CDP.