MoDo Hockey´s ticket triumph

Learn how Modo's Hockey one man show managed to sell tickets worth more than 2,5 MSEK in just 15 days

About Modo Hockey

Modo Hockey
  • Sport: Ice Hockey
  • Founded: 1921
  • Location: Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
  • Home Arena: Hägglunds Arena
  • Capacity: 
  • Website:
  • Competitions: SHL (1st tier)

In the world of ticket sales, strategic planning, and the right tools can make a massive difference in a club’s financial success. Empowering ticketing managers with strategic insights, using our proven four fundamentals, can lead to remarkable outcomes, as the example of MoDo Hockey perfectly shows. 

A Game-Changing Approach

MoDo is a hockey club from Örnsköldsvik, a town of 33,000 people, and an arena that can take up to 7115 supporters. In 2022/23 they won HockeyAllsvenskan, the Swedish hockey second-tier league, and are promoted to the SHL. A small organisation has only one employer in the ticketing department, so they embraced a new approach to ticket sales in October. Through 20 email campaigns and 4 SMS campaigns, meticulously tailored to various segments, MoDo Hockey worked tirelessly to fill the seats for upcoming games.

MoDo Hockey executed a series of daily ticket sales campaigns from October 1st to the 12th. The total recipients varied between 330 and 10,220, reaching different segments. The goal was not just about meeting budget targets, but also about transforming the ticket purchase pattern.

a 3D dashboard from Data Talks CDP analytics framework

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A historic sellout and long-term bookings

Despite operating on a tight budget, MoDo Hockey achieved a remarkable 12% increase in sales compared to the previous season. The standout moment? The game on October 14th sold out four days in advance – an unprecedented feat. This shift in the purchase pattern allowed MoDo to plan almost two weeks ahead, with fans eagerly booking to save their seat. 

Despite being a small organization and lacking manpower, MoDo Hockey generated ticket sales exceeding 2.5 MSEK during the first half of October. This outstanding performance becomes even more significant considering the club’s ascent to a higher division, driving increased interest. The results speak volumes – a historic sellout, increased revenue, and a club ascending to new heights.