SCR Altach: From Smart Strategies to Record-Breaking Results

Learn how Altach, has achieved levels they once thought were out of reach, by staying creative with their audience segments and understanding their own data.

About SCR Altach

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In the stunning region of Vorarlberg, known for its beautiful scenery and love for skiing, SC Rheindorf Altach, an Austrian Bundesliga club, had a double task at hand: selling more tickets for their CASHPOINT Arena and boosting the sales of their club merchandise.

Despite navigating with a smaller fan base and organizational manpower compared to many in the league, they aimed for a game-changing plan to up their game. In this Alpine paradise, SCR Altach set out to rethink its strategy, looking for smart solutions to improve its sales. Remarkably, they achieved their goals in just three months.

SCR Altach’s Phenomenal Boost in Ticket Sales

One of SCR Altach’s primary objectives was to boost ticket sales, particularly focusing on increasing the number of season ticket purchases. And here’s where Data Talks stepped in! With the CDP in play, Altach found a more precise approach to their targeting strategy. They learned who to reach, when to reach them, and what to say.

The impact was phenomenal. They surpassed their entire 2022 sales figure within the three months of 2023 and witnessed a remarkable 38% year-to-year growth in overall ticket sales. This success resulted in significant additional revenue! As for many other clubs, the platform proved to be a game-changer for Altach, allowing them to not just meet but exceed their sales goals in record time.

a 3D dashboard from Data Talks CDP analytics framework

To see how this would look in action, explore the Data Talks CDP demo >>

Altach’s Merchandise Miracle: A 252% Surge and Record-Breaking Fan Engagement

For a club of Altach size, merchandise sales have always posed a significant challenge. Many believed the possibilities were limited, but the combination of creativity and the platform’s features proved to be a game-changer. The initial goal was simply to achieve some success, yet the results turned out to be positively surprising for everyone involved. SCR Altach witnessed an incredible 252% year-to-year increase in merchandise sales. 

What emerged as a delightful side effect was another notable improvement. By delving into a better understanding of their fans and their preferences and targeting the right audience, Altach successfully elevated the average order value of merchandise purchases, setting yet another record at the outset of 2024. This achievement underscores the club’s commitment to innovation and fan engagement, signalling a promising start to the new year.

Smart Data, Precise Communication, Big Results

By staying creative with their audience segments and understanding their own data, Altach has achieved levels they once thought were out of reach. As a club with a more compact fanbase and limited organisational capacity, SCR Altach highlights the importance of knowing your data, making communication precise, and understanding the supporters’ base. This has made it much easier for them to see a valuable return on investment for their time and efforts, showcasing that you don’t need a massive database to create significant ROI. The key is having insights into your data, which can lead to fantastic results.


Photo credit: SC Rheindorf Altach