Data Talks welcomes PAOK FC into its network of partners

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Patricia Parker Nielsen

Data Talks is proud to announce its partnership with one of Greece’s top football clubs PAOK FC.

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    It is our greatest pleasure to welcome PAOK FC, a top Greek club and a digital disruptor, into our customer community. Together we will accomplish the mission of offering an unprecedented personalized experience to the club’s global supporter base, increasing engagement, loyalty and generating new revenue streams.

    Stefan Lavén | CEO at Data Talks.

    The sports industry is moving from traditional ways of marketing to a more personalized and customized way of communicating with fans and supporters. So, when successful and innovative clubs like PAOK FC take a step in the right direction, the digitized way of doing sports, they set the tone for other sports organizations, big and small, to follow the lead. PAOK FC and Data Talks are showing sports lovers out there, both organizations and supporters, how to innovate and move with the times, essentially securing a bright future for sports.

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    Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely, or not loyal at all.This is what we believe and through our new strategic partnership with Data Talks, we envision a state of the art engagement with all our fans, everyday-everywhere.

    Evaggelos Chrisohoos | Deputy CEO at PAOK FC.

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