Integrate all of your data sources in one place

Harness customer data to deliver an outstanding customer experience

By centralizing customer data, you can provide more personalized, relevant and engaging experiences.

Delivering the right message to the right person at the right time, requires the right customer data, to begin with.

Now, most of the time, you have an enormous amount of data. The challenge, therefore, lies in unlocking the value in the right data and not all available data. This is something we can help you with.

Gather all your customer data
into one place

A CDP is built to handle any type and category of data. It can connect all sources of customer data, whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, batch or streaming. Below are a few examples of what kind of data you can store in a CDP, so you get a taste of what is possible.
Transactional data

Orders, invoices, payments and so on.

Campaign & website data

Sent newsletter/opens/clicks, cost-per-click, click-stream data and browsing history.

Customer data

Name, email address, telephone, address, job title, date of birth and more.

Social media

Comments, shares and likes.

Offline data

Shop visits and shop purchases.

Customer support data

Live chats, number of support tickets, time to resolve the issue etc.

Trusted by many

Bring all of your data together & deliver value to your users and organization.

Collect customer data from different places and touchpoints to a common cloud-based platform, updated in real-time. Access it anywhere, at any time.
Animation showing scattered data sources

Drive the data democratization in your company, while creating an outstanding customer experience for your users

Streamline fragmented & siloed data

Company data lives in silos due to security, stability, or governance reasons. This makes it impossible to stitch complete customer profiles.

Wouldn't it be great to finally get away from your spreadsheet hell and work in a robust & structured way?

Embrace data-driven marketing

There is no excuse for not knowing what your customers want. Having data from multiple sources will help you be more relevant in your communication.

Believe it or not, it matters a lot!

Map out non-linear customer journeys

Linear customer journeys no longer exist. People buy experiences, not solely products, which is why measuring cross-device touchpoints matters.

Bring together online and offline data, offering them an experience that they will never forget.

Faster decision-making

As a Marketer, your goal is to make sense of the data and use these insights to make timely decisions that serve your customer and bottom line.

Do you want to just report on results or actually act on those as well?

How to get started

We know that one size does not fill all; that is why we have defined a smooth and fast process that will help you bring all of your scattered data sources together, with minimum effort.
  1. 1

    Map out the various data sources

    Identify which data you want to stitch together. Bring your ERP, CRM, POS, and online behavioral data in one place.
  2. 2

    Define use cases

    Articulate and design what you are actually going to do with this data once gathered. We'll help you along the way.
  3. 3

    Data ingestion & integration

    Our experienced developers will set up the integrations in cooperation with your team in a fast, secure & GDPR compliant environment.

Getting started 

is easy

Empower your teams with a unified customer view.