SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball & Data Talks: New collaboration for growth

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Sasa Ibrulj

Data Talks is thrilled to join forces with SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball, a respected German football club based in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in boosting fan engagement and communication while opening up new revenue streams for the club. Through advanced data-driven strategies, our aim is to enhance the overall experience for SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball’s dedicated supporters, paving the way for financial growth and sustainability.

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    SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball: A story of challenges and triumphs

    With a rich history in German football, SSV Ulm Fussball 1846 has faced challenges and celebrated triumphs. Despite a brief stint in the Bundesliga during the 1998–99 season, the club encountered financial hurdles. However, in 2023, Ulm made a triumphant return, earning promotion to the 3. Liga from Regionalliga Südwest. This achievement showcases their enduring spirit, embodying the essence of Die Spatzen (the sparrows). Donaustadion, with a capacity of 17,000 fans, bears witness to their journey – a captivating narrative of highs and lows defining the club on the German football stage.

    Collaborative goals

    In our joint effort to enhance fan engagement, Data Talks and SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball will focus on understanding fan preferences comprehensively. This insight will guide us in tailoring experiences that resonate with the club’s audience, strengthening the connection between the club and its supporters.

    Our collaboration aims to expand the fan database and establish a direct line of communication for more personalized interactions. This ensures fans are informed about exclusive offers, events, and updates related to SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball.

    Additionally, we strive to enhance the matchday experience, increasing average attendance and season ticket sales. This not only lets fans deepen their commitment and enjoy exclusive benefits but also aligns with our goal of boosting overall revenue. We’re also working to boost merchandise sales by offering fans a diverse range of products and experiences, contributing to the overall financial growth of SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball.

    Positive impact on the club

    Exciting developments are on the horizon, promising enhanced engagement on and off the field. SSV Ulm 1846 Fussball and Data Talks share a commitment to creating a synergy that goes beyond traditional sports partnerships, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community around the beloved football club.

    a 3D dashboard from Data Talks CDP analytics framework

    To see how this would look in action, explore the Data Talks CDP demo >>

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