The doom of third-party cookies is near

A woman holding a laptop standing in front of her desk with huge cookies flying in the background

What’s all the crumble?

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Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s no secret that third-party cookies are disappearing – and for good.

Yep, it’s true. Apple and Mozilla have already cast them out, and Google is next in line.

The new protagonist of the digital advertising show? First-party data. And for those who don’t already have a strategy in place to manage first-party data, the doom of third-party cookies might keep you sleepless at night.

But wait! There’s hope, fellow marketer.

Be ready for this change. Why?

Well, your company’s revenue will be affected severely if you’re reliant on third-party cookies since cross-channel targeting and ad attribution will be hard to achieve! According to Google’s research, most publishers could lose 50-70% of their revenue if they don’t reconfigure their approach to ad and data management by 2022.

Your company’s revenue will decrease!


Need to redirect advertising budgets to sites with their own authorization systems that collect and consistently process user data. This includes large technology platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, as well as media houses that receive user data after registration.


Will have less trust in the programmatic ecosystem due to the potential increase in traffic fraud until verification systems are rebuilt to work without third-party cookies.


Media buying based on CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-action) models will become more popular since they don’t require control over reach and frequency. Nevertheless, such models are less profitable.


Part of the budgets can spill into mobile advertising on Android devices, where targeting options haven’t been limited yet. Not to mention that Apple has already restricted user tracking in iOS14.

Owning your customer data is more important than ever! First-party data is very much worth investigating since this will be the way forward in order to rely on it and to optimize your targeted campaigns. 

Here’s a short 9-question quiz to help you discover how reliant you are on third-party cookies.

Try it out and learn if you’re ready for a world without third-party cookies. Don’t panic if you are not. There is hope, fellow marketer and Data Talks can definitely help!