Björklöven scores a winning assist: A sponsorship success story through data-driven fan engagement

Learn how Björklöven connects fans to the club´s sponsor

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When one of their main sponsors kicked off a survey about their work, Björklöven, an ice hockey club from Umeå in northern Sweden, saw a golden opportunity. They decided to leverage their significant role in the local community and use smart fan engagement to connect their sponsor and their supporters.

A simple ask and a big Impact

Such a small but impactful organisation as Björklöven is aware of the importance of a good relationship with both their sponsors and their fans.

Using their fan data magic, thanks to the Data Talks CDP, Björklöven sent out a simple message to an exclusive group of their most loyal fans. It was a polite ask: “Hey, our awesome sponsor needs your help with a survey. Can you pitch in?” The idea was not just to collect survey responses but to ensure fans feel that they’re making a real contribution to the team.

And the response was fantastic. The campaign got an amazing 55.94% open rate, with a massive 20.18% of fans clicking and engaging (that’s a CTR of 11.29%). Over 2300 fans stepped up to the plate and filled out the survey. That’s a win in itself, and the sponsor couldn’t be happier.

a 3D dashboard from Data Talks CDP analytics framework

To see how this would look in action, explore the Data Talks CDP demo >>

Winning with fan power

This success story comes down to simple plays. First, using fan data smartly can do wonders. Second, planning things out and talking to fans in a way they understand builds a strong connection. Björklöven’s experience highlights that loyal fans not only recognise the vital role sponsors play in supporting the club but also actively acknowledge that their connection with sponsors directly contributes to helping the team.

In Björklöven’s playbook, this move wasn’t just about a successful survey. It was about showing that with some smart thinking and clear communication, sports teams can make fans and sponsors real teammates, creating a win for everyone involved.

(Photo credit: Erik Sandin / Barfotograf)