Data Talks launches a course for C-level executives in sports to create sustainable revenue streams

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Lorraine Moalosi

As part of Data Talks’ vision of creating a sports industry that thrives on exceeding fan expectations to create sustainable revenue streams, the company has launched a course for C-level executives in sports to create sustainable revenue streams using their own supporter data.

The course, named, “The 4 Fundamentals of Selling More Tickets and Merchandise” focuses on delivering 3 crucial outcomes:

  1. Educating on the staggering “cost of doing nothing” in sports organizations and why it is a problem
  2. Introducing a robust and innovative method, Data Talks’ 4 Fundamentals, that effectively addresses all sports organisations’ very top priorities which are to sell more tickets and merchandise and to negotiate sponsorship agreements of higher value.
  3. Use real-life global success stories from sports organisations that have used this method to inspire and empower C-level executives in other sports organisations to fuel increased supporters, superior sales, and substantial revenue growth.

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    Dionysios Zelios, Chief Growth Officer at Data Talks, and one of the people who interviewed over 100 leaders in sports about their very top priorities as part of Data Talks’ extensive industry research had this to say about the course:

    “Our mission at Data Talks is firstly to pioneer innovative and easy-to-use solutions for sports organisations to become a core part of their fans’ lives. This is not limited to platforms and software but also innovating new ways of working to have a more empowered workforce in the industry. People often say that the sports industry is slow to change and adopt new technologies but I would say that this should be a collective effort with the first step being education and awareness. Industries across the world, not just sports, are rapidly changing so it is unfair to leave it to sports organisations to figure it all out for themselves. It is a privilege for us to champion and empower sports organisations in this capacity”.

    The course is available on the popular online course provider Udemy for all sports C-levels with a commercial focus. It can be accessed directly via this link:

    a 3D dashboard from Data Talks CDP analytics framework

    To see how this would look in action, explore the Data Talks CDP demo >>

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