First Fundamental

Grow your supporter base, continuously

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The Gamification module allows you to engage your supporters like never before: engage them in interactive ways, lift the community spirit and the excitement around your games, with the chance to win your club’s memorabilia. You can choose from several sports game formats, including Score Prediction, Wheel of Fortune, or a Man of the Match vote. What’s more, the games not only engage your fans but give more opportunities for you to increase your sponsorship revenue and bridge the communication gap between your fans and the sponsors.

Customer Triumphs

Discover the inspiring journeys of our customers as they harness the potential of Data Talks Sports Platform to elevate their game.

Contact form tracking

The Data Talks Web Tracking Service can collect data seamlessly from any contact form on your websites without the need for a back-end integration. Let this be newsletter sign-up forms, membership registrations or return merchandise claims, Data Talks has you covered.

Target the right fans in real-time

Illustration of Data Talks' advanced segmentation

Target the right fan, at the right time, and offer the right product. Advanced segmentation allows you to segment your supporters into real-time audiences with similar preferences and act on them through the system of your own choosing – or directly from Data Talks CDP.

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Proactively target fans with predictive analytics

Predict what your supporters’ next moves are and leverage AI-based insights. Start predicting supporter propensity to buy, lookalikes, and churning supporters directly in Data Talks CDP without involving Data Scientists – and start acting proactively directly from Data Talks CDP.

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