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Offer personalized recommendations with real-time predictions

Leveraging a proactive marketing strategy is all about being able to anticipate supporter behavior. With predictive analytics, you can get answers to questions like what your supporters’ next moves are, what content they want to see, and how you can stop first-time ticket buyers from churning. By leveraging AI-based insights with our algorithm you’ll be able to track your fans across different touchpoints and apply data models to understand fan behavior.

A woman joggin by a sofa with people cheering in front of a 3D chart from Data Talks Sports CDP interface showing the different product features

With Data Talks CDP you don’t have to be a Data Scientist to start running predictive analytics. Simply get started by choosing which out-of-the-box data model you want to run, apply them to your data, and schedule how often you want them to run. We offer data models to predict propensity to buy, lookalikes, and churning supporters. Explore your newly discovered insights by visualizing your predictions in our drag-and-drop analytics dashboard, and immediately identify which remedying actions you need to take to maximize your marketing strategy.

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