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Deliver real-time contextually relevant supporter experiences

Gone are the days of treating your fans like they all are one and the same. To deliver a truly great supporter experience, you need to understand their behavior patterns and find shared motivations that can transform them into lifelong loyal fans.

Google Ads integration

With Data Talks Sports CDP you can centralize your segmentation and handle it in one and the same platform. You can identify who are your most loyal fans and which fans you need to re-engage. Flexibly combine any data attributes together with the KPIs you want to segment your supporters into relevant audiences to act on with hyper-personalized campaigns.

You don’t have to be an expert in understanding your supporter data in order to create segments. By applying an algorithm Data Talks CDP can identify and generate segments that can give you insights you didn’t expect and let the data do the talking.

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Illustration of Data Talks' advanced segmentation

How you can target the right fans, at the right time, with the right message in six easy steps.