Accelerating the growth of women’s teams’ audiences

In honour of โ€œaccelerating progressโ€ this International Womenโ€™s Day, we are thrilled that we had a chance to share a case study focusing on โ€œAccelerating the Growth of Womenโ€™s Teamsโ€™ Audiences.โ€

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Accelerating the growth of womenโ€™s teamโ€™s audiences

One of the most overlooked supporter segments is fans who have NEVER attended women’s games. Most clubs make the mistake of associating a lack of ticket purchase with a lack of interest. Lewes FC recently ran campaigns to bring this often neglected segment into the fold because they understand the power of inclusion and unity.

In this case study we look at the following:


โœ… The importance of activating different types of fans
โœ… The Data Talks method for increasing fan engagement
โœ… The results that Lewes FC got from the campaigns and what other clubs can learn from this.

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