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Understand your supporters by having a single source of truth

By merging your data from different systems Data Talks’ Sports CDP makes it possible for you to achieve a single source of truth for your marketing data. In the single source of truth, Data Talks’ single supporter profile view, all of your data across different touchpoints will be merged and visualized into one and the same supporter profile.

Data Talks CDP Dashboard illustration

Achieving this will ensure that you are working with the most accurate and up-to-date understanding of your supporters, which is key to delivering the best supporter experience. A single supporter view allows you to analyze fan behavior to better target and personalize future interactions. Based on the data in your single supporter view, you’ll be able to predict fan behavior and preferences.

Having a single supporter view makes all the difference for succeeding with your marketing efforts as it will allow you to create engaging and personalized campaigns. Without it, you won’t be able to understand your fans to the extent that you need to in a digital world.

Animation showing scattered data sources

Discover Data Talks Customer Data Platform

How Data Talks CDP can act as your single source of truth for understanding your supporters in six easy steps.

Step 1

Data Talks CDP can collect data from any of your online and offline sources to unify your data around your fans’ characteristics, transactions, behaviors, and preferences.

Step 2

The more supporter data that’s collected in Data Talks CDP, the more relevant and personalized your marketing will be.

Step 3

Data Talks CDP allows you to decide how data coming from different systems will be treated to create a unified profile view. In your single supporter view, you can track how a fab performs in your most important KPIs.

Step 4

You define the unique identifier for your supporters, and Data Talks CDP leverages a detailed view of the unified profile that you can analyze, target, and act on.

Step 5

Data Talks CDP enables you to look into inter-relationships between your profiles and can identify which fans have a relationship with each other, and the nature of the relationship. Track how specific profiles perform on your KPIs and which identities they have across your connected systems.

Inter-relationships between profiles that identifies which fans have a relationship with each other

Step 6

This will allow you for a smart, unprecedented targeting and acting strategy that will increase your engagement even more.