New masterclass: “CDP Fundamentals: How to grow your business & provide a world-class customer experience”.

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Maria Stenvinkel

We live in an era where it is more important than ever to have a mindset of “learn-it-all” instead of “know-it-all”. To come out stronger from the current situation, it is imperative to keep talking to your customers and give them the customer experience they expect. 

Many companies today struggle with gathering and acting on their data and extracting the business benefits – such as creating loyalty, engagement, and growth. At the same time, customers increasingly expect a real-time, personalized, and relevant customer experience, which can only truly be created with the help of data (i e knowing your customer). One reason companies today fall behind here is a knowledge gap, which we aim to fill. How? 

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    Data is a huge opportunity for companies. But few know how to leverage it properly by doing the following: 

    • Collect scattered data to create a single customer view and source of truth
    • Analyze and visualize it in an easy-to-interpret and relevant way; tied to your goals and KPIs
    • Act on the data and deliver a relevant and engaging customer experience

    To leverage data you need a technical system, preferably a Customer Data Platform (CDP). A CDP is a system that centralizes customer data from all different sources – such as the web, transactions, email, customer support, apps, social media – and creates a 360° customer view. 

    This data is then made available to other systems, such as a marketing automation system. This in turn means that the data becomes actionable and can be used for marketing campaigns, customer service or to enhance the customer experience.

    To help companies leverage their data better with the help of a CDP, we’ve created a free masterclass: “CDP Fundamentals: How to grow your business & provide a world-class customer experience”.

    The purpose of this masterclass is to give you the basics about customer data and a Customer Data Platform (CDP). There are 12 lessons, which will take about 2-4 minutes each to read. You can expect to receive about one email every other day. 

    Who is this masterclass for?

    It’s created for CMO’s and marketers at medium and large size businesses. However, if you’re curious about a CDP and what it can do for your company, then it’s definitely the masterclass for you!

     What we’ll cover during the masterclass:

    Lesson 1: What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)?

    Lesson 2: What to have in place before adopting a CDP

    Lesson 3: Why tracking the right KPIs matters

    Lesson 4: What data you can store in a CDP

    Lesson 5: Old vs new way of connecting the customer data

    Lesson 6: How to store and connect data for a unified customer view.

    Lesson 7: Visualize data in real-time

    Lesson 8: The non-linear customer journey of today (& how to tackle it)

    Lesson 9:  How to act on the data gathered in a CDP

    Lesson 10: Success factors & common pitfalls

    Lesson 11: 5 questions to ask before buying a CDP

    Lesson 12: Tips for getting the buy-in for your CDP

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