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Send out relevant ticket offerings to those segments in a way that your supporters will really appreciate

It’s easy to deliver real-time personalized supporter experiences across multiple touchpoints with the Data Talks Sports CDP. You can send out your campaigns to the segments you set in the Segment Builder in the CDP through our own Email Builder and SMS sendout features.

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Activate your campaign with the Email Builder

Personalized communication with your fans dramatically increases engagement and loyalty. Our CDP offers a user-friendly way of creating engaging and personalized email campaigns in just a few minutes, without the need of any HTML knowledge. Personalization is more than knowing basic demographic data, but rather about understanding your fans completely. You can use any supporter data that you have in the CDP in your campaigns and go all-in with your personalization.

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Activate your marketing campaign with SMS Sendout

You can also create engaging and personalized SMS campaigns Data Talks sports CDP allows you to combine your email campaigns with SMS, a personal and efficient channel where you can create a meaningful relationship with your supporters. Or you can also simply choose to only use SMS send-outs for your next campaign, if that is what your supporter prefer. After all, it’s all about giving them something they can really appreciate.

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Automate your campaigns with Triggered Messaging

Sending personalized messages on supporters’ birthday or matchday communications with relevant offers can help you increase your revenue. You also might want to send your supporters reminders about their abandoned carts on your webshop. With triggered messaging, you can automate these and other reminders that you want to send on a regular basis. This will ensure that your supporters don’t miss out on any of your exclusive offers or anything else they might really appreciate.

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Other features

Grow your supporter base, continuously


Collect and merge all your supporter data


Find the right supporter segments