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Grow your supporter base, continuously!

With our sports CDP, you are able to increase the number of supporters in your database and enrich the supporter database with valuable information such as contact details, preferences and behavioral data.

Add on in Data Talks Sports CDP, grow your supporter base with Score prediction and gamification

Increase the number of supporters in your database with Gamification

Execute games provided by our spots CDP that are relevant to your sporting events. This will encourage engagement from your supporters, helping you get more supporters in your database. For example, by using score prediction games or voting games for Player-of-the-Match, you are able to get the participants’ contact details of your choosing which need to be submitted to receive a winning gift..

Discover Data Talks Sport CDP!

Enrich your supporter base with Preference Center

With our own Preference Center, your supporters are able to submit and change their preferences. For example, preferences like whether to  receive your marketing campaigns by email and SMS. The information will be connected to the profiles stored in your account, so that the CDP will have real-time data about the channel preferences and generic opt-in status of your supporters. The benefit of Preference Center does not end here. Your supporter are also able to let you know any additional information you seek to collect, such as their favourite player, their favourite jersey and other vital information like how long they have been a fan of your team.

Dashboard of a sports CDP

Other features

Collect and merge all your supporter data


Find the right supporter segments


Send relevant ticketing offerings