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Find out which supporter segments you should target with your ticketing campaigns

Advanced segmentation allows you to segment your supporters into real-time audiences with similar preferences and act on them directly from the Data Talks Sports CDP or through another system of your choosing..

Segment builder in Data Talks Sports CDP interface in the release notes

Find the right audience for your marketing campaigns in the Segment Builder

Improving your marketing campaign performance starts with finding the right audience to target. This inevitably leads to increased revenue from both ticketing and merchandising. The CDP helps you identify the groups that are your most loyal fans and those that are your least loyal fans. You can also identify your  most profitable supporters and your low-spenders. You are then able to get the insight of which groups you need to re-engage. Flexibly combines different segments together in order to created relevant audiences to act on with engaging campaigns and offerings that your supporters will appreciate!

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    Export the right audience found in the CDP to other systems

    The segments you create in the CDP are the right audience for your next campaigns and include the contact information of your supporters. Therefore, they can be valuable resources for other systems such as CRM systems and digital advertising platforms. Data Talks sports CDP supports a wide range of integration enabling you to share segments to SalesManago, Taguchi, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads to name a few. You can find the entire list of systems you can share segments to in this link.

    Data Talks CDP Segment builder. Export profiles to file.

    Other features

    Grow your supporter base, continuously


    Collect and merge all your supporter data


    Send relevant ticketing campaigns