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How to use Social Sentiment to boost your Marketing and Product development [use case]

Table of Contents 1. What is Social Listening 2. What is Social Sentiment 3. How to measure social sentiment 4.…

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9 CDP Misconceptions Clarified

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are here to stay; the CDP Institute estimates that the industry revenue will reach $1.3 billion…

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How to choose the best Customer Data Platform – the ultimate guide

Table of Contents What is a Customer Data Platform? Why use a Customer Data Platform? When is the right time…

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Build or Buy: How to Know When You Should Buy a CDP Over Building an In-House Solution

To build or buy. This is probably the big question that comes to mind when IT and Marketing join forces…

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Do I need a CDP? + 3 use cases to get started

87% of consumers want a more consistent customer experience.   They expect one-to-one communication, requiring you to know what they did…

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How to find entertainment business  lookalikes on your best customers

You’re in the entertainment industry, right? And you want to find more loyal customers to your amusement park, festival, trade…

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Benefits of a Customer Data Platform: what all marketers should know

Do you know what a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is? Don't worry, not many marketers actually know what it is.…

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What Is Marketing Automation And Is It Worth Investing In? (Including Examples)

You've heard about marketing automation, right? Maybe you know what it is. Maybe you kind of know but aren’t sure how…

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Automate your ecommerce: customer case (and 3 proven strategies)

There is a lot to think about when doing e-commerce... You should get the right and ongoing traffic to the…

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What is a Customer Data Platform? An Introduction To Marketers

The customer journey isn’t consistent and linear. You know this already of course. Customers constantly switch between phones, tablets, laptops,…

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New masterclass: “CDP Fundamentals: How to grow your business & provide a world-class customer experience”.

We live in an era where it is more important than ever to have a mindset of "learn-it-all" instead of…

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Top 5 email marketing tips every ecommerce should have

Email marketing is dead. At least according to some people. But email still proves to be one of the best…

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