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Women in sports: beyond the hashtag – time to make a difference

Women in sports - this conversation has certainly been gaining a lot of traction but is still, ironically, not quite…

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Create hyper-personalized fan experiences

If you are reading this post, you are very serious about the performance of your team(s), not just on the…

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A “sneak peek” into the world of a SaaS company

During the fall season of 2021, I got the opportunity to do my seven-week internship at the SaaS (Software as…

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My journey towards digital understanding

I'm studying to become a digital analyst at Medieinstitutet, which, when I started, felt a little daunting since I'm entirely…

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What I learned about attribution modeling at Data Talks

I had the opportunity to do my seven-week internship at Data Talks, a Saas company that offers a customer data…

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Data Talks welcomes PAOK FC into its network of partners

Data Talks is proud to announce its partnership with one of Greece’s top football clubs PAOK FC. Before we dive…

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We’re proud to announce our 11.5 million SEK funding

Data Talks’ journey began in January 2018. We set course and let our mission guide us: to empower every business…

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The death of third-party cookies – long live first-party data

Table of Contents 1. What Are Third-Party Cookies and What Data Do They Collect? 2. What’s the Role of Third-Party…

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The role of Customer Experience in E-commerce and Retail

“Ecommerce isn’t the cherry on the cake, it’s the new cake” - Jean Paul Ago, former CEO at L’Oreal (Diginomica,…

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How to create an exceptional supporter experience for sports businesses

The question of how to create an exceptional supporter experience for sports business is relevant now more than ever. So,…

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Protecting our clients’ data – policy & procedures

In alignment with Data Talks' commitment to the privacy and protection of customer data, we have developed a comprehensive Information…

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Checklist: how to identify the real CDP solutions (from the wannabes)

It has become a buzzword. Customer Data Platform (CDP), I mean.    The term is increasingly used by marketers, both…

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