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10 components you need to include in your sports marketing strategy today

Sports marketing strategy essentials Do you remember the last time you revisited your sports marketing strategy? Have you been following…

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7 easy ways to grow your contact database fast

Do you know what the biggest mistake sports organizations make is? From small clubs to big ones such as FC…

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Gen Z fans and sports: 5 ways you can win their loyalty

Gen Z fans - who are they, and why should sports organizations care about them?  The short answer is that…

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Football for child development featuring America F.C

As a company, we have the vision for "a world where it's simple to create an impact and make a…

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Key differences between a CDP and CRM you need to know about today

The two most commonly used marketing technologies today are a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)…

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Sports CDP: 5 reasons you need one to future-proof your sports club

The changes in fan behavior rule the future of sports organizations Do you know how to future-proof your sports organization?…

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How Data Talks CDP helped Västerås IK increase its B2C revenue by 30%

In this interview, we sat down with Kevin Johansson, who works as the business to consumer manager at Västerås IK,…

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Boost sponsorship value: 2 surefire ways to do it

Do you want to learn how to get the best sponsorship deals and feel confident while doing so? Then you…

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Data collection: Why a CDP is your best choice

Data collection - why does your data collection process matter? Today, there is more data than ever before. It is…

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Football is Everywhere talk steps to better sports

We sat down with Football is Everywhere founder Pato Jerzak. Our mission? To bring her story to you our beloved…

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Data sports organizations shouldn’t ignore

Did you know that data is one of the most valuable assets an organization could ever have? Unfortunately, this is…

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The Power of Sustainability in Sports

The sports industry is a major player in the world economy and one of the most powerful industries. Sports generates…

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