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Your CDP Questions answered by our panel of experts today

The internet is abuzz with lots of questions. Some of these coming from people that work in sports organizations. They…

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5 steps to create communication your fans appreciate

Are you creating and delivering communication that your fans appreciate and truly care about? In this ever-changing digital world that…

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Data storytelling: your key to higher revenue

"Numbers speak for themselves" - you heard this saying right? This is something that well meaning people say to convince…

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In-house vs. outsourcing fan data analysis: what you need to know

In-house vs. outsourcing fan data analysis - are you currently at the crossroads of having to choose between the two?…

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Data analytics matter and this is why

Sherlock Holmes once said “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data” . So, even the fictional…

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RFM for sports clubs: 3 use cases to get you started

RFM analysis for sports clubs - what does it mean and why should sports clubs consider using this model?  In…

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Community-building: the new super-business model in sports

Community-building in sports - it’s the talk of the global town, if you will. More and more organizations are adopting…

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Finally, an excellent CDP vendor for sports organizations

The CDP has been revolutionalizing many industries for some time now. So it's great that there's finally an excellent CDP…

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Future sports trends happening now and what you should do about them

Generations come and generations go. And with them, come changes. Changes that, in fact, affect the way we do sports.…

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CDP basics to get you started today

This is your ultimate beginner's guide to answer all your burning questions on all things CDP. From what CDP stands…

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24/7 fan: how sports organizations can adapt to them

24/7 fans are the new standard fans of the sports world. They want to access your sports organization and your…

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Sports and society: how sports organizations can play their part

Sports and society - what an intricate relationship. Research continues to prove that this relationship yields significant benefits for everyone…

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